Rings and amukets


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Rings and amukets

First of all...let me scratch amulets- just rings

I'm a bonemancer and I just put on some EQ, i'm kinda lazy at transfering items so I normally just try to craft or trade what ...long story short

Do you think that Caster Rings could be good rings? I figure they can generate the FCR/ stat/res/life mods just as any other ring- but they will have extra mana to go a long with it.

Or would it be a waste of time/effort/resources?

Also what would be the best item I could imbue for my necro? Are necro heads worth it? Or should I just stick to trusted Circlets/Tiaras etc...


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Crafting anything good is a waste of resources and time usually. Still, you could end up with a really sexy Ring, so go for it if you want. Plus, it's really fun crafting stuff. Well I think so anyway. Anyway, Safety/Blood/Caster recipes are all pretty good for Rings.

It's really hard to get an imbued head better than Homonculus. But if you have nothing better to Imbue, go for it.