Rift & Grift Monster EXP Changes in Patch 2.3



[caption id="attachment_385220" align="alignright" width="300"] Done already?![/caption]There's an amusing bug now present on the PTR in which the displayed progress on the percent completion bar doesn't match up with the actual progress, and Rift or Grift Guardians are spawning while players are still at 85% or 91% or wherever.

I played some PTR with my new S4 char today and in every Rift and Grift I entered, this bug surfaced, with the Guardian spawning when I was in the 83-89% range. A thread about the bug on the PTR Feedback forum got a Blue reply.

I wanted to pop in and let you know that we are aware of this and that this issue is visual only. The actual amount of progress required to complete a rift is correct, but the progress bar visual itself is inaccurate. I've added this to the known issues list for now, but this will be corrected in our next PTR patch.

Thanks for the reports, everyone! [source]http://www.diabloii.net/blizzard-tracker/devthread/us/18300626408[/source]

A few samples from my games today.

[gallery link="file" ids="385223,385221,385222"]

Alas, you don't get anything if you keep going to 100% after killing the Guardian in a Rift. There are no second breakfasts! I actually like the bug in a way, since it seems to give a view of what your % completion would have been last patch, when lots of monster progress values were boosted to make Rifts feel a bit faster.

As Blizzard shared in the original Patch 2.3 notes, they've boosted the progress required to complete Rifts and Grifts, though their patch notes were cryptic about the tweaks.

  • The amount of progress required to complete a Nephalem Rift or Greater Rift has been increased.
  • The experience and rift progress granted by several monsters has been adjusted to be more in line with the difficulty required to kill them.


Well great, but what does that mean? Thankfully, Blizzard spelled it out in more detail in a focused feedback post, and now we've got some actual numbers compiled by players who have been testing on the PTR and taking careful notes of how much progress is granted by each type of enemy.

Click through for Blizzard's info and those new and ever-changing progress +/- figures.

Blizzard's Focused Feedback post about progress in Rifts and Grifts in Patch 2.3 on the PTR named names for plux/minus exp and progress bar changes. It's pretty logical stuff; slow moving easy targets (things like most Zombies and Cuddle Bears) were reduced in exp value, while fast, evasive, charging, and/or dangerous enemies were buffed in exp/progress.

Monster Experience Changes

Increased experienced granted by 10-30%
  • Exarch
  • Anarch
  • Exorcist
  • Corrupted Angel
  • Winged Assassin
  • Primordial Scavenger
  • Accursed/Reviled
  • Morlu Incinerator
  • Executioner (Westmarch Brute)
  • Bogan Trapper
  • Sand Wasp

Reduced experience granted by 10-25%
  • Skinny Zombies (e.g. Risen, Dust Retcher)
  • Regular Zombies (e.g. Dust Eater)
  • Basic Skeletons
  • Basic Skeleton Summoners
  • Cuddle Bears


Informative, but those figures are pretty imprecise. We've got some more concrete numbers though, thanks to some players who have been testing on the PTR and making careful notes about how much progress each of the enemies seems to grant.

[caption id="attachment_385224" align="aligncenter" width="401"] Estimated progress changes in Rifts, Patch 2.3.[/caption]

That's a screenshot of a spreadsheet a player put together. It's visual but incomplete, and you can see a much more comprehensive list here. Keep in mind that these are estimates by players, not official exp/progress figures (which Blizzard has never shared). And also expect tweaks; these values are changing regularly on the PTR, as the current progress bar "Guardian at 85%" bug apparently shows.

How Does Rift Progress Feel in Patch 2.3?

I played a fair amount when Patch 2.3 went live, and thought Rifts (more than Grifts) felt sluggish on the progress. The reason for the changes was logical; in terms of earning progress, zombies were too valuable while fast or elusive enemies were not valuable enough. Furthermore, Blizzard knew Kanai's Cube would unleash power creep (But faster... more like Power Leap?) and they didn't want Rifts and Grifts to be too easy.

It felt like they went too far at first, though. Bad tilesets seemed to take forever, and early in the Patch 2.3 PTR I had a couple of those dreadful Westmarch city maps, where I'd spend 8 or 10 minutes running down empty, narrow streets, killing the odd monster here or there, and finish Floor One at like 46% on the progress bar. (At least I think that's what the % said. It was often hard to read through the desperate tears.)

Even good maps felt slow, and when I'd get a big surface map with high monster density, and launch myself into the gleeful slaughter, about the time I expected to be finished I'd look up and see the progress bar was only at about 81%. The weird feeling continued at 100%, since Guardians were so reduced in hit points that the final battle was usually over before it had even begun. Even playing on Torment 10 or higher Grifts.

That's much less the case now on the PTR, since the last patch tweaked the progress values and inflated Guardian hps a bit. As the progress bar bug seems to show, what used to be ~85% is now 100%, and the feeling of a Rift being a fairly quick, self-contained adventure is improved.

I still get the feeling that Greater Rifts are generally easier/faster than normal Rifts, even when the Grifts are much higher difficulty. (My hardcore S4 DH is still fairly weak, only P110 or so, but today I completed GR33 and GR35 (T8) faster than I did the T6 Rifts where I earned the Grift keys.) But I think that's a feature, not a bug, as Blizzard wants the Grifts to feel specially rewarding and different than just another Rift where the only difference is more of the color purple.

Have you guys tested on the PTR? What do you think of the Rift & Grift Monster EXP Changes in Patch 2.3? There's no queue lately since the Community Buff ended, so copy over your live account and try it out. A warning though; once you're using Kanai's Cube and enjoying the Power Creep, going back to playing Live is hard to swallow.
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Patch 2.3 on the PTR has been kind of meh for my account. Kanai's Cube just hasn't had the impact for my characters that I thought it would. Since I don't really do seasons I still run an M6 DH instead of a UE one, and because I hate the playstyle of Tal Rasha I run a D6 Wizard. I thought adding in a mirroball, crown of Primus would be a huge boost, but because of changes to rifts I only went up one level. Same with the M6 DH. Thanks to having Iceblink, Deadman's Legacy, and Yang's Recurve on the PTR though, when switched to UE my DH can do Grift 46 or 47, whereas the others all max at about Grift 45.


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The cookie cutters really jumped up, not surprisingly. The power curve is still really steep; the difference between good builds and great builds is so vast, and the Cube is making it worse. At least a few Doctor sets now feel like they work "like they're supposed to." I mean, Starmetal/Dagger of Darts and Mask of Jeram/Carnevil were "required" at the same time, and now it's possible w/ the Cube to actually use them together. What it really points out is the utter awfulness of the Shoulder slot. Just a bunch of garbage, for almost every class and build. The chest, pants, and boots aren't much better for most. I guess that's by "design" b/c then you equip your (required) set items in those slots.


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So how long does it take to do a T6 rift now? Flux said about 5 mins despite the cube/power creep simply because of the progress changes, but since they were changed again how is it now?


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Yeah, the Kanai cube does kind of have the unintended consequence of highlighting just how truly useless so many legendaries are.

In the name of Zod

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Got to admit, never really considered that. Was just planning my immunities and most wanted proc's.

What hasn't been mentioned yet is can you access the cube in adventure mode for level 1 characters? And what happens when you put old legs into it like the old puzzle ring?


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As long as you've found the Kanai cube, then yes I'm pretty sure you can use it straight away from lvl 1 with alternate chars. As for old legendaries, I doubt you can put legacy items from pre-RoS in there, but I did absorb an item from patch 2.2. that had its affix changed in patch 2.3 (requiring you to re-farm the new one if you wanted the one) and it seemed to work fine. I haven't actually tested whether the affix is the new one, but I'm pretty certain it would be.


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Considering a lot of folks, even not-Monks, have the fancier portrait that requires a 5 minute T7 rift, T6 is horrifically fast.


Try fire M6 with equipped Cindercoat and F/R, with RoRG on your ring via the cube. You can even add Pride's Fall or Hexing Pants armor via the cube, and it's a giant damage buff and nearly infinite Hatred.

I prefer cold or physical for M6, but there aren't any items that boost the those elements like Cindercoat does for fire.


I'd say it's not much longer now on the PTR than on Live, but no one with decent gear and the Cube is playing T6. I was doing T8 easily last night with my S4 HC Nat's DH, and I'm only about P120 with really bad gear -- not even an Ancient weapon yet. (Hexing pants, unity, and calamity via the cube.)

I said a Rift you can do in 2-3m on live was 4-5m on the PTR, but that was right when the patch went live, without good cube powers. And they've lowered the progress required for 100% since then also. PTR Rifts are still is a bit slower than live, but with same quality gear everyone is up on T8 or higher, so it's not apples to apples comparison.

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Hmm, ok so just no legacy we'll presume. TYVM. It makes one wonder if there won't be any more expansions simple because it will create legacy cube issues. So will this restrict what they do to legs in the future?

Maybe its why so many legs don't have special bonuses, because they wanted to leave room for changes post cube. Meaning they've had this on the shelf for a good while.