Rick's Quest


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Rick's Quest

Im gonna try to get a lvl99 of EVERY Druid build... ON HARDCORE!!!!!
I dont know if this is actually possible but im gonna try it anyway.
Knowing my personal awesome aura of luck ill get to lvl98 then die...

~~~~Progress Chart~~~~


I better get started, wish me luck! :thumbsup:


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I'll start on another quest to cube up runes to get a Zod, let's see who finishes first:) What exactly do you mean by every druid, cause there are quite a lot to choose from...or is it "just" Shapeshifter/summon/elemental??

I seriously doubt something like this is possible, but good luck!


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I mean druid specific stuff, like werebear/wolf, windy/ grizzlygeddon. Not a boxer or bowaruid or whatever. Any character can do them.


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omg, you sure have some work to do. Check the hardcore ladder and see how many that have reached lvl99 by now, shouldnt be that many. And then, the ladder has been going on for a long while. Imagine getting 5+ chars there... woeooh :D:D


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Let's see:

dual elemental
pure summoner
pure elemental

Well there's 8 builds i can think of in about 10 seconds, I could give you a list of about 20 more if you give me some time to think about it.

I think I will have my pure skill tree builds complete before you get them all done. just think a defencive aura paladin through Hell, a Passive Barb through Hell and a mojomancer through Hell. yepper should be easy to beat you to completing your quest.

But, best of luck to you :)
go into the d2 files and change the levels on the new chars you're making... it might not be fun, it might no be challeging, but it sure is easy ;)


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U must totally forget about having any real life if u plan do to this and that is NOT advisable my friend :lol:


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I never put games before my social life (unless the two combine = lots+lots+lots of fun!)

And anyway, for the amount of time that I do play D2, it will be literally impossible to get it done. Besides that it would be totally boring only having an army of druids, even if he is my fave char.