Rich? Wanna have fun?

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Rich? Wanna have fun?

After getting bored of my godly hammerdin(arent they all) I decided that I want to do something that doesnt involve standing, holding shift and clicking. I decided to build a paladin, with three main charasteristics:
1. FUN, I wanted him to be different then others, and catch a lot of attention.
2. Effective. I wanted a character who could do the whole game in all difficulties.
3. and most importantly I wanted him to look cool(unlike hammerdins which I'm just sick and tired of seeing)

I also wanted it to be mysterious and unique. You look at a paladin these days and you immediatly think "hoto, enigma, hoz, soj's, archnid..."(you get the picture).

I spent about three days planning it out. Reading stats of all the rune words over and over and planning it out with resistances damage etc. I decided that the way to make him fun would be lots of different attacks going off at the same time. As I progressed my planning that I could accomplish the "flare" by shoving lots of different % to cast some attack from other char type.

With this I present you funRUSOfun :)
NOTE: The gear is VERY expensive. In fact the weapon is worth most if not all of an averege hammerdin's gear.

Sword 1: Destruction(not a lot of physical damage, but trust me the casts more then make up for it.. the key to my pally)
23% chance to cast level 12 Volcano on striking
5% chance to cast level 23 Molten Boulder on striking
100% chance to cast level 45 Meteor when you die
15% chance to cast level 22 Nova on attack
+350% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
Adds 100-180 Magic Damage
7% Mana stolen per hit
20% chance of Crushing Blow
20% Deadly Strike
Prevent Monster Heal
+10 to Dexterity

Sword 2: CTA(duh dont have to explain)

Shield 1: Exile(dont have to explain either)

Shield 2: Doesn't matter... I use HOZ but it's just there so I don't die when I do cries

Armor: Fortitude, chilling armor does wonders in both defence and it just plain looks cool with the other two auras and two warcries going :) )

Helm: Delirium in Spired Helm. This causes a distraction on the monsters along with other goodies :) if you're still using shako throw it out and get urself one. Any pally or most other chars even can benefit from it.

Rings Ammy Belt boots: bk's, mara's, archnid, ik boots...

In case you haven't realised this is a zealadin. I'm not gonna go into stats and skills too much... you know em. Fana, Holy Shield, Zeal, Sacrafice, Defiance. Stats, depends on what you want. *HINT* get ur dex up so u can block and make use of that holy shield :).


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When I was finished I was overwhelmed by the FUN factor this character has. It's beond fun. It's far from the strongest zealadin out there. It will kill anything without being killed at high levels(by the time you can wear the full gear you'll be set). Hell cows and baal take a lil while but he barelly loses health ever and can stand in a pack of 50 cows and not get hurt while slowly leveling it. I counted 10 skills from other characters. As you hit a few times you will be throwing volcanoes, molten boulders, novas, cast spells(you get the picture... and create one hell of a show.

How is it in duels? Well since most of the damage comes from the casts you really have to get a good zeal hit to get the attacks going. It's decent in duels. If you duel against other pvm chars which this is, you will own the bigger half of them. I found that sorcs and zons are a walk in the park because you can charge them and with the gear even tho I put one point into charge I have level 12. Hammerdins are tricky but u can charge to them and zeal and hope you wont get hit. Barbarians you gotta get them with elementals so you have to zeal since the defence wont be broken by a single charge. A decent strategy is smiting them because it ignores defence and you also cast the other goodies at the same time . Haven't dueled other characters but I can imagine a summoning necro actually being FUN :).

Another good aspect of this build with this particular gear is that your max resists arent 75-75-75-75 they're actually 80-80-80-75 so you do get hurt by elementals less. However to level those you will need some charms.

Cheap Alternatives To Gear:
I've found some other items to replace the paladin to still have a fun one yet still effective.
Weapons: Oath, Voice of Reason. Oath casts bone spirit quite often, and voice of reason casts frozen orb and another sorc attack.

Armor: a good alternative to fortitude would be bramble or coh.

shield, anything that makes sence.... spirit hoz whatever you want

helm, eeew :) delirium is just too fun to replace. Especially when the rare delirium does happen where you turn into a bone fettish (btw I got called a hacker multiples of times by noobs for turning into bone fettish)...

Call me a noob, call me a waster of runes but believe me, this is a 150% sucessful build in my eyes and it really did bring the fun back into diablo. He is now a level ** and still leveling. Zealadins also seem to level faster then hammerdins and they do have less trouble living in sticky situations. He can freely stant in the field by pindle and as long as you keep clicking those chargers wont kill you even if they all gang up.

Anyways that's it for the guide. I do want to give some credits to my good friend cmot dibbler for introducing me to certain rune words and ideas which made this character build come to life.

I will close with a final note that this char has flare, style, originality, and gets more wows then when you put up an inventory full of ists to show off before you start building him. Screenshots coming right up after I get a host of sorts


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Screenies are in! :) by the way this is on geocities so you have to copy and paste because I dont believe they allow direct links.

Screenie 1. Aaaaah isn't this what the pally's supposed to look like? Kinda like in the menu where you make a character? Shiny and glorious!

Screenie 2. The delirium doing it's work... yes they are fightning each other in case you dont know what the helm does.

Screenie 3. Warming up on some bastards I like to pick on when I show this character off :)

Screenie 4. Welll this is about half his full potential fury but I think you get the picture

Enjoy, and I'd love to hear what you think about the strategy. After all I didn't just spend an hour writing this article just so you can read it.... GO MAKE SOMETHING FUN!



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Can you repost the images or post them in something other than GeoCities? None of the images came up for me.


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Working on it :) I just gotta find a decent free host.... prohosting wont register me today for some reason. :) Sorry guys.


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hah prohosting is working now :)

I'll post some progress on this build, I am actually building a dragon right now to try and replace fortitude :) that should add a bit more damage with holy fire and venom and more fire with hydras :) This means I gotta go game surf and see if I can kick uber d's ass so I get an anni ;)


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Look if you really want I'll make new pictures without a mh in it. Besides how would you know what those two lines mean unless you used one urself at one point or another? ;)

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AssasinoRuso said:
Look if you really want I'll make new pictures without a mh in it. Besides how would you know what those two lines mean unless you used one urself at one point or another? ;)
It's not the lines, it's the "R2D2" on your stamina bar that give it away. That and the fact that the lines/labeled things on map aren't part of the game. One can infer that they are a feature of maphack even without having ever used it.


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You can't have a Guide and have maphack screen shots.
It's against the rules.
Thread closed due to maphack.
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