Rhyme or Splendor?


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Rhyme or Splendor?

I could use some suggestions here. I have the runes to create either Rhyme or Splendor (rune word shields). My character is a Barb who tends to be a little mana-thirsty, as he relies heavily on his highly pimped-out War Cry. His resists in Act IV NM are all around -15 (in the red). Any advice as to which you'd choose if it were your character?

For reference, here are the stats on each rune word:

20% Increased Chance of Blocking
40% Faster Block Rate
All Resistances +25
Regenerate Mana 15%
Cannot Be Frozen
50% Extra Gold From Monsters
25% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items

+1 To All Skills
+10% Faster Cast Rate
+20% Faster Block Rate
+60-100% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+10 To Energy
Regenerate Mana 15%
50% Extra Gold From Monsters
20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+3 To Light Radius


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My choice would be Ryhme. CBF is invaulable for a melee character, and you need the resists. Get your mana from pots.

I like to make Rhyme in grim shields. They have decent DEF and block% with low STR requirements.


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Definitely Rhyme, given your resistance situation. Though really, you might do better with a three perfect diamond tower shield, since your resistances are so low.


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Pop a point in natural resistance, that will get you better resists (1 point, no more).


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Splendor has no resists, it has only +1 skills and +10%fcr. If you like those two, then use Lidless wall, +1 skills, 20% FCR and +5 mana per kill (and +19all resists when socketed with PDiamond).


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I think you guys have sold me. I'm going to make Rhyme. Now I just need to find a good enough two-socket shield. Funny how you find dozens of a thing, right up until you have the runes to really use it, then you never find any.

Skunkbelly: I'd go the NR route, but it's not allowed for my character. I semi-randomly roll my characters, and this guy as of right now has only rolled Axe Mastery (20), Howl (20), War Cry (20), and Taunt, which as of right now is at level 4. He has to max out Taunt before he can get a new skill.

As for the 3 perfect diamond route, that might work too. I have a 3-socket shield in my stash, but right now I have only 2 perfect diamonds. Worth consideration...

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Rhyme is much better for the blocking too.

You should be able to pick up a decent 2 socket shield fairly easily if you take off all your mf gear.


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You could always pick up a bone shield from Drognan (normal act2). Shouldn't
take too long to get him to sell you one with two holes in it. 40% block in a light
shield. Not a lot of defense, but Shael and Eth should be easy enough to get
once you find yourself a grim shield or a heater.

Those are pretty much the only contenders; light shields with 40%+ block.

[edit] That's percentage for sorkers, for your barb it's 45%+.