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Hey guys,

So I have a home server that I use for my development work and other tasks (Including hosting the Bliss Complete Collection, amongst other things). The server still has bandwidth and I was thinking that it would be really good for the SPF Multi-player (LAN) community to take advantage of it.

Originally, I was thinking of using some already existing open source battle net software to host an "Open Multiplayer" server (Not Battle.Net - Closed Battle.Net) but rather the Open one. This means that people will play using their Single Player characters. So this alone avoids a whole set of issues, specifically things related to legal issues. However, if I use that software, that alone could be a legal issue. So instead of doing that, I was thinking about what are the essential things that hosting an "Open Battle.Net" server would provide, and if I could extract that into separate tasks that would eliminate the issue completely.

The most important thing is that Open Battle.Net pretty much is _just_ a chat room. If you think about it, people log in, pick a game, and then the person is routed over to the computer that the person is playing Diablo II on. This means that the person hosting the game has to open up their Diablo II ports in order to allow players to join the game (Btw, Battle.Net chat is basically IRC with some extra commands).

The second thing is exactly what I mentioned above regarding opening ports (Closed Battle.Net avoids this issue by having Blizzard be the central host). People in the SPF atm seem to be making VPNs using Hamachi in order to avoid opening up ports, since a VPN is used to connect two separate networks and create a private LAN.

So after thinking about the above things, what we really need in order to mobilize the SPF and foster TCP/IP (LAN) collaboration, is basically just a chat room.

In the chat room, people could join the #general channel which would allow everyone to talk to each other and everyone can see how many people are in the chat room (maybe AFK, or maybe available). This provides a quick way to organize meetings without having to post on the forums when it comes to this specific type of organization.

In addition to the #general channel, we could have channels for each specific version of d2, and people can join those channels in order to organize games for those versions (time travelers?).


Hosting a chat room is completely independent from Blizzard and would avoid legal issues while providing the SPF a place to dynamically chat in real time to organize games. This also wouldn't take much resources I think on my end since it's just people chatting.

In regards to port forwarding, providing the chat room is the first step for mobilization, but it doesn't solve the port forwarding problem. If you guys want, I could set up an OpenVPN server on my machine and allow users (per request - you can send me a request to open an account and I can provide access for you to my machine) to join the private LAN network. This would definitely take some resources on my end and I'm not sure how fast it would be since using OpenVPN usually means having encryption running in the background and thus overhead (increasing latency), since this is just for D2, and it is just for making a private SPF LAN VPN, I could probably turn off the encryption to increase performance and it should be good. But we can try it on with the encryption and see what happens.

Also this is my home server so I try to keep it up as much as possible but sometimes I need to restart the machine due to system updates or just Time Warner sucking.

Lastly, to emphasize, you guys are still using your own Single Player characters, I'm not hosting a private server or anything like that so this is completely legal, and this is just providing separate chat room functionality and a private VPN network. You could connect to the chat room either through your web browser using an IRC website like:

https://kiwiirc.com/client (You would click the Server and network and set the irc network to point to my home server)

or you can use an IRC client like Hexchat (Which is open source and people use it to connect to Twitch's IRC network or other IRC networks): https://hexchat.github.io/screenshots.html

Let me know what you guys think. @Thyiad ?


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It's a lot of text and I'm too tired right now to read all of it, but if it means that we can get to play over TCP/IP, but made a bit easier to coordinate, then I'm all for it :).