Review new albums you have gotten this year


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Review new albums you have gotten this year

Here is where you can review all the albums you got that were released in 2005 (but not older albums that you bought this year).

Angra - Temple of Shadows: This is a fairly solid effort by the band, despite some rather embarrassing guest vocals by Kai Hansen. It is a bit heavier than their previous material, and the guitar playing is mostly of the shred variety. However, there are some beautiful melodic moments in the second half of the album, including one song with some accoustic Spanish parts. It is not as good as Rebirth, but not too far behind. 7.4/10

Arena - Pepper's Ghost: Arena release another masterpiece with this album. This is the heaviest album the band has ever done, and with it they cross the line from progressive rock to progressive metal. As such, the only minor disappointment here is that John Mitchell's beautiful guitar playing of the past, which has been reminiscent of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, is a bit diminished. Despite that, the songs here are quite good, and some of the vocal medloy/harmony is goose-bump inducing. It is a somewhat short album. My 3rd-favorite pick of the year. 9.0/10

Dream Theater - Octavarium: This is the album of the year, IMO. It is the second best album of the band's career (behind Scenes from a Memory), and the title track epic is their third best song (behind Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence and A Change of Seasons). I had almost felt like giving up on this band after their relatively boring previous album. I'm really glad I didn't. This album has a mix of very heavy stuff (about as heavy as Train of Thought but with much better melodies and less lengthy solos) and lighter stuff more akin to Falling Into Infinity. 9.2/10

Kiko Loureiro - No Gravity: Kiko Loureiro is the guitar virtuoso from the band Angra. It's remarkable that he was able to come out with this solo album around the same time his band had a new one, and both albums ended up fairly good. Actually, No Gravity has about the most jaw-dropping guitar work I have ever heard, as far as technical prowess goes. It bears a wee bit of resemblence to the old instrumental albums Yngwie Malmsteen used to release in the 80s, but the songwriting here is better, the technical skill is higher, and it manages to better avoid the problem inherent in most instrumental guitar albums (getting redundant and boring) by incorporating a lot of classical/flamenco/Brasilian themes. If he could have laid off the shred just a little bit more, and added in orchestral sections (which I know he is fully capable of composing), this would have scored higher. 7.4/10

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing: Steven Wilson has a hit with his newest PT release. This is the best of his albums which are currently in-print. Every song here (except for the curiously dull Shallow) is classic PT. This is also the first time in years Wilson has written really long songs, though I think the highlight of the album is Lazarus, a relatively short song with incredible vocal melodies. A complaint which I don't allow to detract from the album rating is that the booklet does not have lyrics for the songs. 9.1/10

Shadow Gallery - Room V: This album is supposed to be the sequel to 1998's Tyranny. The "plot" is probably the album's weakest element. Concept albums are difficult to do well. They become weak when the lyrics become narration of the plot, rather than sticking with specific concepts and ideas that are loosely related to the plot. That said, the music is terrific. While I said that Kiko Loureiro's solo album has the most jaw-dropping technical work I've ever heard, this album features "the best" guitar work I've heard in recent years, full of soul and jazz-inspired character best reminiscent of John Petrucci's work on the album Falling Into Infinity. 8.6/10

Still to come this year... Opeth's new album "Ghost Reveries"


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"534" - Memphis Bleek. I give it 3/5 mics. Its alright, but I expected more for all the hype that he recieved.

"Encore" - Eminem. I give it 3/5 mics. He's got lyrical talent, but he makes stupid songs that kill his entire album. If he just was a bit smarter, and stoped usig fillers, people would still have the same respect for him, and they did when he started.


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I think I've bought one CD this year (or will have, when Billy Corgan's The Futurembrance comes out tomorrow)

besides that, I've just gotten a bunch of burnt [rap] cds from my friend

edit: forgot that alexisonfire's new one was this year, and that the third cd I'll buy will probably be Billy Talent's sophmore effort (if what I've read is correct for release date)


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CCR greatest hits- not a whole lot needs to be said about this, just awesome through and through.

Audioslave- out of exile- not as good as their first cd i think but still very good and worth buying.


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international superhits

yeah, liked some songs of them :p (but after you heard them 100 of times, its getting bored)

kottonmouth kings:
rollin' stoned

==> my last cd :)

expensive time though....... :uhhuh:


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Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth.

This is one amazing album. It is not quite the same sound as they used to have but it is well worth getting. The first few tracks are not the best but once you get to track 3 it.s all good baby...

The album gets steadily better the more you listen to it too. Track 5 in particular is awesome!



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New Weezer CD: Album was rather disappointing, especially since it took Weezer like 4 years to put this album out. Besides the radio track "Hollywood" there is a couple mediocre songs and the rest are rather whiny and too subdued; they really seemed to go downhill after their Green album.

New Beck CD: Back to Odelay style with a bit of Midnight Vultures and Sea Change to it, Guero is excellent! Definitely his best album in awhile. Everyone's heard the song "Epro" but check out track 3 (Summer Girl) and track 10, "Go It Alone"; an excellent song with a great throw-back rythmic beat.

Velvet Revolver CD: Excellent combination of Weiland's vocals and G n' Rs musical talent(minus axel) really works well. This album sounds a bit like STP's #4 album with more appealing tracks; a definite must buy if you like rock the way it's supposed to be.


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NIN - With Teeth

Personally, I think it's a great album, I dont think there's a song I dont like.
It's different than previous albums, a lot more 'catchy' and 'standard'. I can see how many fans dislike it. But personally I think the music is what counts in the end, and it's good. It's a lot more political than any of their other albums, but in the time we live in, that's only natural.
Great alubm in my opinion, it's been in my player since I bought it.

The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute

I havent heard their first record, so I can't compare. But I really like this one, it's so unique. Really varied album, from songs in spanish, to weird noises.
I love driving with this album.

I bought some other albums, Kasabian's, and the new Queens Of The Stone Age, but I got them cause I had some coupons for Tower Records, less because Im that big of a fan.
They're both good, but I was a bit disappointed, especially from QoTSA.

Here's to seeing a new album from Tool :drink:


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Madness said:
The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute

I havent heard their first record, so I can't compare. But I really like this one, it's so unique. Really varied album, from songs in spanish, to weird noises.
I love driving with this album.

Madness you crazy person, while Frances the Mute is a good album, De-loused in the Comatarium is just great. I definitely recommend picking it up soon.


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Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree: Excellent follow-up CD to their first full length. Excellent writing is standard throughout the album and the hooks are near perfect. Standout Tracks include Dance Dance, Sugar We're Going Down, Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year, and XO.

Alkaline Trio - Crimson: Another excellent CD from a band that shouldn't need an introduction. Despite complaints from some about over-production, the production that is used, is used quite well and doesn't make the CD showy for the sake of being showy: it makes it better. Standout tracks include Deathbed, Sadie and Back to Hell.

The Starting Line - Based On a True Story: If you like The Starting Line, then you'll like this CD. Complaints about it have been that it wasn't enough of a standout among all the emo/pop type bands, which is partially true. However, the lyrics are generally good, the hooks and choruses are quality and there is a very earnest quality to the band in general, especially in the lead singer. This may be hit or miss depending on your feeling of the band, but I did enjoy it.

Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You: Probably the best CD that I have heard so far this year. The band could be described as screamo, but that really wouldn't do justice to the melody and quality of the lead singer's voice. The energy is strong throughout the CD, the writing crosses many themes and does them all very well, albeit darkly at times. The best part of the CD is that it's solid all the way through. There is not a skippable, filler track in the entire album. Standout songs include Let It Enfold You, Bite to Break Skin, and Martini Kisses.