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review my mancer plz

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by litokrn, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. litokrn

    litokrn IncGamers Member

    Mar 27, 2008
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    review my mancer plz

    lvl 78 fishy
    weap: arm of king leoric
    helm: trang helm (soon to be shako)
    gloves: trang claws
    belt: trang belt
    boots: war travs
    armor: nigma
    shield: homo
    ammy: +2 summons
    rings: not soj's or bk's =P
    charms: torch

    skills (with items)
    raise skellie / skellie mastery: 34 points each (maxed)
    skellie mage: 33 (maxed)
    iron golem/blood golem/golem mastery/summon resists/revives: 12 each
    clay golem: 13

    bone wall/armor/teeth/CE: 11 each

    curses: 11 each

    most of my skill points are coming from items...for instance, i only put one point into each curse

    i hope to get an infinity, bramble, and a beast somewhat soon...which should i get first? i am only 1 hr away from bramble and beast, but infinity seems quite helpful.

    i have found my resists to be fairly low with this build, and my army isnt quite as strong as i had hoped. if i plan to uber with this build one day, what should i switch up?

    basically, review my necro please. all comments are welcome. thanks!
  2. Deribin

    Deribin IncGamers Member

    Jun 3, 2008
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    Re: review my mancer plz

    i think u dont need bramble. Fort on merc looks better.
    As for skills - max golem mastery and use Pride golem.
    May be more in CE for bigger radius.
    Why only 1 in armor and wall, for style? Armor 11 lvl with 1 point in synergy is too weak for hell. Max wall, if u want more safety playing.
    PS Sorry for my english.
  3. Mad Mantis

    Mad Mantis D2/3 Necromancer & Witch Doctor Moderator

    Jun 24, 2003
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    Re: review my mancer plz

    Go for the Infinity first. The added damage to your CE and will help with mobs and the CB will helps against bosses.
  4. Poppis

    Poppis IncGamers Member

    Dec 15, 2007
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    Re: review my mancer plz

    Infinity and Fort for merc.

    As for your necro, if you have problems with resists, you could go for HotO as your main weapon, with Leoric for summoning. With HotO, you also get nice 40% FCR, so just add Arachnid and you get to 75% breakpoint for comfortable teleing speed.

    I would also change gloves to Magefist. +curses isnt that important.

    Then just get +3 summon amu(or rare +2 skills with good resists), 2 x soj(or 1 soj and Wisp) and as many summon skillers as you need.
  5. lumpor

    lumpor IncGamers Member

    May 8, 2008
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    Re: review my mancer plz

    I think a +3 summoning circlet would be better than shako. Fishymancers don't really need defence, when they have so many tanks. Magefist may be beter than trangs gloves, depending on if you want to boost your corpse explosion or curses, and if you need cold resistance (I'd go for trangs). Belt can be switched to arachs, but I've heard it's quite expensive. Boots can be marrowwalks, unlesss you really want that mf. If you want to you can switch your shield to a necro shield which gives better +skills to summoning. You can use that cube trick to get a golemlords shield with + to rs and sm (a bit hard though, but a normal golemlords i maybe still better than homu). Your ammy should also be witched to a +3 summoning skills. Your skill point allocation is quite good. I'd suggest to split the remaining points between golem mastery and ce (golem mastery for an iron golem in case you'll ever need one, and ce for obvious reasons).

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