Returning, with a few questions


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Returning, with a few questions

So I'm back, with a proper internet connection again. You may have seen me dropping by every so often mind. :p Something about logging out but never leaving...

But I've had a few questions/ideas over the month.

1) The character I used for the untwinked grail tourney (will dig up that post and report my standing after this), a trap assassin currently stands at the end of NM and beginning of Hell. Focused her on LS and maxing out it's synergies, at the moment I'm just working on the last synergy. Trying to work on a solution to immunes though, and at the moment I reckon it'll be a Lem rune for a Treachery armour. Best source? Anywhere in NM, or should I risk the Hell Countess? She's level 71 by the way.

2) Will that character be at all viable for learning to PvP? Am wondering about trying to take more of an MP role now, and PvP sounds fun. What should I focus on with regards to equipment? Or just general advice?

3) Have I missed much?

4) Would there be any interest in taking characters through the original, v1.00 version? I'm thinking maybe a set-up like the ladders or so but hopefully some MP interaction. If there's no interest I'll probably just go with a rebuild of my lance whirlwind barbarian or so. Expect a baron thread in future.

Oh, and I'm toying with the idea of installing RWM/RRM, but haven't got round to it yet. I've downloaded the files and are sat on my hard drive at the moment. It's kind of the electronic equivalent of money burning a hole in the pocket.

So yeah, hello again!


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1) Hell Countess will be quicker in the end, unless you have a character or 3 sitting near Hellforge in NM or Hell.
2) Dunno
3) All kinds of stuff, I just don't know what it is :tongue:
4) Not for me.

Welcome back.


Welcome back! At least you knew that you can't leave, unlike some noobs who say "I won't touch D2 again, and you'll never ever see me post a message after this one" only to come back a week later with a mat/pat thread! :wink3:

1. Why don't you use Fireblast and/or Death Sentry for lightning immunes? They'll already be well synergized.

4. One problem that comes to mind is that not everyone has the 1.00 version. Another is that practically noone plays it, and I don't know if the version switcher works with that, or even if people will bother with it.


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Hehe, I know better than to fight impossible battles. Well, some of them anyway.

1. I'm at a point where I can run the Hell Countess now, so I'll give that a go. Regarding synergy uses that Llathias mentioned, Fireblast only has the one point invested at the moment. It was skipped early on to save points for lightning sentry and it's synergies. Death Sentry could work but needs a few corpses around first... Maybe I'll also try running Baal a few more times in NM and putting those points into Fireblast. The Treachery idea was to be used in conjunction with a claw offering +skills to Blade Fury, and hoping that triggered the Ctc Venom often enough. Seems folly to rely on just one method however if there are other alternatives available.

4. Fair enough. I just wanted to throw the idea out there really.


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The only advice I can give is to hit around lvl75 before venturing into the ocean. With some characters it's safer to go in lower but with your build I might just play it with more safety in mind and level more.


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Definitely before seriously taking on Hell difficulty. Should I also gain a few more levels before I think about running the Countess for runes?

edit: From the runs I've done, it seems that the only real problems I face are when I run into Dark Archers since they're lightning immune. Everything else I'm just running past and the Countess and her mob are killable by my lightning sentry x5. Then all hopes are crushed as she drops another Tir. :laugh:


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as for pvp (im pretty new with it as well) your best bet is to build for the job rather than making a pvp/pvm char. for all i know a light zon mite be realy good pvp but i dont know. try asking in the pvp thread