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returning to d2

Discussion in 'Hardcore' started by chopstickgg, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. chopstickgg

    chopstickgg IncGamers Member

    Sep 8, 2006
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    returning to d2

    hey i started playing d2 again today after a 2-3 year break, so it seems like everything is now changed. i was wondering what is a good class that can ease me back into d2, untwinked obviously since all my accounts have been deleted. thanks!
  2. PhatTrumpet

    PhatTrumpet IncGamers Member

    Jul 18, 2003
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    Read through one or two of the hundreds of threads about this or check the stickied FAQ. Most people like Trappers and Summoners, but I still swear by my Hammerdin/Javazon then Sorc [whatever build you prefer] combo to start out.
  3. bigD72

    bigD72 IncGamers Member

    Jun 28, 2003
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    Summoner Necromancer - In general
    1st point in Amp
    2nd in Skeleton
    3rd in Summon Mastery
    4th in Skeleton
    5th in Prereq for Corpse Explosion
    6th in Corpse Explosion
    7th-24? in Skeleton (until it's maxed)
    1 pt in every curse.
    5 or 6 in Summon Resist
    Max Summon Mastery
    Mages are worthless, Revives are useful tanks.

    Past that there are a couple of different viewpoints.


    Max CE
    Max Revives
    Max Bone Armor
    Develop Bone Wall/Bone Prison (for synergies to Bone Spear AND Bone Armor)

    My personal favorite is 10 in CE 10 in Revives.

    Make ample use of dim vision and attract on enemies and you should never get hit.

    So you can basically go 60-100 str and no dex or enough dex for 75% block and rest vit.

    Get the runeworld ral tir tal sol (insight) it'll keep your mana up (it goes in a 4 socket polearm for your act 2 nm might merc [offensive]) this is pretty easy to obtain, run nightmare countess for the sol you'll find the tir in norm and get ral and tal from the 2nd quest in norm act 5 [you'll probably find a sol in act 4 or 5, if not, cube 3 like runes up until you get the sol.] Before getting the might merc, use a defense merc. You'll want to be ~30 before doing norm diablo he's basically the only threat you'll have boss wise (have ~3 points in summon resis pre-diablo.)

    Take it slow in hell and make even more use of attract/dim vision only amp if it's a single monster or something that poses no threat to you. Amp once 2ish corpses are down and explode them like crazy.

    I'm tired of typing now [/mini guide]

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