returning player ISO casual/mature clan on W SC L


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returning player ISO casual/mature clan on W SC L

My background, played D2 LOD since it was out, had stopped few years ago, played other games like MMO’s beta tested eve-online and WOW, got sucked into eve for over 4 years, that’s when I saw my life being screwed up by hardcore gaming. Played other games fps mostly CS hardcore too, gave that up, with all the aim bots and when it became too competitive.

I wish to only play casual, as im still part time college student with a full time job, leaves little time for everything else.

The clan that I am looking is a mature clan, as far as members go, I do not wish to have to have requirements for being x amount of time or being on x y day time to do something. Just want a bunch of people who agree to play or do events with.
It’s a plus if the clan has a decent website OR at least an active forum, also some standard of communication, voice chat or IRC is a must IMO.

PvP is something I would like to do, and have done back in the day, but that’s comes after having acquired a certain amount of wealth.

Contact me on here, or in game (though I wont be on much until reset) Drutort
If there are other individuals who wish to just join me and others in a group for leveling chars at start of ladder then your welcome to add me to your list, while im in search of a group/clan.