Returning after long break- please help with info!!


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I've decided to get back into the game after not playing since just after RoS came out. I've tried to keep up with all the changes, but it's all impossible with out playing. I'm looking for a website or thread or some other resource that will take me though the changes, and explain the fastest way to get to end-game; with out having to crawl around in years worth of forum threads. Does any one know anything like that???


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If you have specific questions, you can probably ask them here. There's not a ton of Diablo 3 activity on this forum, but most of the people here that do play know their stuff.

That said, for just general stuff or to have more resources you can try googling and checking youtube for stuff like "diablo 3 patch 2.3" or "diablo 3 season 4" and/or adding whatever class you want to play to those terms. Reddit, the forums all have sections dedicated to each class and you can find posts and threads ranging from utter garbage to insanely helpful. Likewise Youtube is a great source for both very helpful and stupendously terrible videos.

You can almost certainly find somebody to rush you if you want at this point in the season and then just join public games to leech gear until you get your end-game gear then go from there. If you'd rather do things solo, then it's a little tougher and you'll need to know more, for sure since knowing what works and what doesn't will speed things up massively.

For leveling and gearing I think Rhykker did a Youtube video guide for 2.3 that wasn't bad, and in terms of end-game builds there aren't that many and I'd think searching for like "Diablo 3 Barbarian patch 2.3" or "Witch Doctor season 4" should give you results. If you have specific questions you can ask them somewhere like here, or on or on reddit and probably get answers.