Returning after 12 years...


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Hi everyone,

I was an avid Diablo 2 fan about 12 years ago, but dropped it due to life happening. Super excited to get back into this game and wreck some demons :)

I have been playing for about 2 weeks now and am to the point where i could use a good group of people to play the game with. Google sent me here and that's how i arrived!

I am a US-East Ladder guy and wouldn't mind teaming up with some new people or experienced people as i relearn this game.

Since i remember the drops being horrible and also having checked out the forums, is the season 8 US East Ladder trading values the go to for trade reference? Or should i price check as i go for more accurate market value input?

See you guys in the game!


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Pretty much the same boat for me. Played many years ago and getting back into it a bit. I play other games with buddies so only get on here and there for D2.

Recently made a Hammerdin on ladder (terrible gear), but i think there will be a new ladder starting in a month or two and likely going with a Javazon for that just to change things up.

add me in game d2lodman