Returning after ~1 Ladder, Changes?


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Returning after ~1 Ladder, Changes?

I've heard that the ladder was going to reset soon and I figured it be a good time to hop back into the game. I stopped playing maybe a month or so before the last reset and was really just wondering if there's anything new I should know.

I tried to check out patch notes and the new rune words, and the only thing that stood out to me is that the marrow walk bug (and similar synergy bugs) is (are) patched? I'm looking forward to running uber tristram, from what I could tell that's the new big run everyone tries to do regularly. I used to be in on the anni runs every week, are the two a similar concept (- the soj's being sold from off ladder and it's on a per game basis?)

Just curious though, how does anyone know that there will be a reset soon? And if the source is reliable any idea of how soon? I mean it seems silly to try and start up again to have the ladder reset right away, so I was going to wait, but I don't see myself playing as much after the summer regardless. :scratch:


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Re: Returning after ~1 Ladder, Changes?

1. Marrowwalk bug (and other Charge synergy bugs) are fixed. However, a new bug appeared: when you use the socket recipe on normal ethereal non-socketed armors, helmets and shields, they gain an additional 50% defense, so you get: base defense * 1.5 eth bonus * 1.5 glitch bonus = base defense * 2.25. Creates some sick armors for mercenearies.

2. To open Uber Tristram, you need to collect 3 of each of Keys of Terror, Hate and Destruction, dropped by Hell Countess, Summoner and Nihlathak respectively. The chance to drop a key in a 1-player game is something like 1/10 or 1/20. Keys also drop in Singleplayer, but they cannot be used for anything. Cubing 1 of each key in Act 5 Hell opens a portal to a Mini-Uber: Izual, Duriel or Lilith (Andariel). Each of them drops an organ: Mephisto's Brain, Baal's Eye and Diablo's Horn respectively. Cubing the organ set in A5 opens the Uber Tristram.

Uber Tristram is an event of killing Uber Versions of Diablo, Baal and Mephisto. It's decently challenging, although a good smiter will cleave through the UT like hot knife through butter. The last Uber Boss drops a Hellfire Torch unique Large Charm which provides: 10-20 to stats and resists, +3 to random class skills (like +3 paladin skills, or +3 barbarian skills), a chance to cast Firestorm upon striking (very laggy, can drop the server), and charges of Hydra (200k per charge to repair!).

3. No infomation about ladder end/reset is provided, although some speculate (pure speculations) that we will see a Ladder Reset in the end of this summer. Don't take it for fact, though!