return to the enchantress


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return to the enchantress

played one a long time ago, enjoyed the challenge. so i've started to rebuild her and i'm after a bit of advice on the items. here's what i've got planned so far:

kingslayer phase blade
duress (in the highest armor i can get?)
gore riders
andy visage
nosferatu coil
dracs grasp
stormshield or spirit monarch
whatever rings/ammy i can get.

skills would consist of obviously maxing fire-enchant skills plus as high ice/lite masteries for kingslayer, rest into shiver armor.
my main question is the shield. they both have same strength requirements, but easier to get max block with SS, but spirit has +2 see my dilema. any ideas?


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The amount of Dexterity required to get max block with Spirit without the aid of Twitchtroe or a CtB Amulet on a Sorceress is absurd.

As for the set up, if "in the highest armor i can get?" means a Sacred Armor, I would advise against it.

Will you be using Vengeance mainly?

Also, welcome to the forums.


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yeah i figured the high dexterity needed for spirit sorta ruled it out, but does the +2 skills, hit recovery and res make up for it if i put those points into health instead? or should i just stick with SS?

whats the best armor to make duress out of? wouldn't it be better to get as much ar as possible?

yes vengeance will be my main attack, with static field to help with bosses.

and thank you for the welcome :)


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what about fortitude armor? does the +300% damage apply to the elemental damage from kingslayers vengeance? what would be the best armor to put it in?

Eilo Rytyj

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Fortitude's +300% ed wont increase elemental damage. It will only increase your physical damage. Same goes for the damage auras Might, Fanaticism and Concentration. Only boosts the physical portion of your damage.

How about a Kingslayer in a 2 handed axe? You'll be doing FAR more damage, since Vengeance is based directly off of your weapon's damage. A Phase Blade will be doing pitiful damage, even if you rolled on a perfect ed% Kingslayer.

Sorceresses also have the fastest attack speed with 2 handed swinging weapons, and you can reach a 11 or 10 frame attack easily, depending on the base axe and your IAS. A Feral Axe with just 45% total IAS will get to a 10 frame attack. A Decapitator/Glorious Axe (BIG damage) with 50% total IAS will get you a 12 frame attack, 11 frames with 70%.

Still on the topic of attack speed, you could use a Faith Rogue merc, and get yourself to the fastest attack speed (9 frames) with just 60% total IAS with a Decapitator/Glorious Axe. BIG damage with a fast attack too! But then you don't have the option of an Infinity merc.

Heck, you can even use Demon Limb as your source of Enchant. You'll unlikely be getting too much higher than slvl 23 Enchant anyway. You'll be saving 22 skill points (!) right there.

That way you could perhaps go with 20 points in Telekinesis, and use Energy Shield (even if 1 point +skills) for survival. That way you can make better use of those 20 points you've sinked into Warmth.

So, as an idea of an Avenger sorceress:

20 Warmth
20 Fire Mastery
20 Lightning Mastery
1-X Cold Mastery
20 Telekinesis
1-X Energy Shield
1 in prereqs and 1-point wonders like Static.
Rest of points to Shiver Armor, Cold Mastery (to get to -100% maybe) or Energy Shield.

NO points in Enchant, instead using Demon Limb's level 23, which is fully synergised by Warmth.

I can see the 2 handed axe Avenger dealing 2-3 times the damage of a Phase Blade Avenger. I can also see it looking SO much cooler, a little girl running around with a big red axe, hacking things to pieces... gwahahahaha... :evil: :sinister: :devil: :largeevil:


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hmmm unfortunately i've already put kingslayer in the phase blade. pity. we'll see how she runs, and i'll try saving the runes for another.
i'm still stuck on the armor tho. obviously something like coh would be optimum, but there's little chance of me being that rich any time soon save a lucky forge drop. so it looks like duress would be best?

Eilo Rytyj

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Oh, Duress is an awesome armour. In some cases it's better than CoH. It'll do wonders for your killing capabilities.