Results: 100 Hell Meph Runs


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Results: 100 Hell Meph Runs

Decided to count up all the rares, uniques, super-uniques, sets, jewels, and charms I found during 100 meph runs. I just wanted to see what the difference in findings would be like with 400%MF vs. Salad's 300%MF, and there's hardly any difference...

Rares: 203
Uniques: 65
Sets: 46
Super-uniques: 11
Charms: 6 (all terrible)
Jewels: 5 (two rare, all terrible)

Items of interest...well sorta I guess:
Glad Bane
Gheed's Charm
Crown of Theives
Arioc's Needle

Also, I had soj counter go off twice, which resulted in two annihilus charms. One was 16/19/9, which is my best one so far. Oddly enough I didn't have to sit around for hours either, both times the soj counter went off once and instantly Diablo walked the earth. That was lucky but I guess in the search for the correct ip people could try running meph!

These results prove that there's hardly any difference between 300 and 400% magic find, when you compare them to Salad's results they're quite similar in rare/set/unique drops and even the items of interest.


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Wish there was a program that automatically catalogued all drops into one handy text file...
Ill do a 100 meph runs today with 746 mf today and hopefully come up with some info.


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54 meph runs so far with 745 mf.


nothing that great..ormus..ethereal duriel shell..homonoculus..shako..raven
Ill continue and post 100 runs when i hit it.


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I've just completed 100 hell meph runs myself. My MF was 384% for first 60 runs and 423% for remaining 40 (see drops for reason :p)

Runs: 100

Uniques: 48
Set: 57
Rare: 192
Magic: 148

Notable drops

Angelic ring
Ethereal Bonesnap (202% FU)
crenendum belt
Gheeds (39%)

First 50 drops only yielded my angleic and silkweaves so seems it all comes down to good luck or bad luck :p


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ok 100 runs with 745 mf


items of note were homonculus,shako,war travs,ormus,raven


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One of these days I will do 100 Mephy runs and prove to you guys that it is possible to find nothing at all.


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I finally managed to get to Hell act 3 with my Skellimancer so I will try my luck with a tad over 200 % mf and posts my results . The pits never dropped one usefull unique for me so I guess Ill give Ol Meph a few smacks in the head and see if he co - operates .

Ps - Happy Bday to me - :drink: - maybe Meph will be kind and make my day !!


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Silkweed said:
One of these days I will do 100 Mephy runs and prove to you guys that it is possible to find nothing at all.
Yea if u do 100 norm meph runs, chances are you'll find nothing of value

anyways happy birthday thedarkside

Someone wanna do 100 baal runs and post it? LoL


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tootootoofar said:
mind sharing your build with us? :D
Posting my gear could appear sorta conceited to certain people, but I assure that 5000 meph runs will easily provide enough gear for a good sorc and multiple other chars...however I'm sure Seph's sorc humbles mine...probably dual ist'd ali and 4 ist monarch on switch? :p

87 blizz sorc and A2 defiance merc
ptopaz shako
89%res wiz
pdiamond ss
ptopaz skullder balrog skin
arachnid mesh
wisp projector
Switch: dual ist ali baba and rhyme grim shield
MF is around 250% normally, and over 400% with switch...but I don't have a calculator so meh who cares about specifics.
merc = eth kelpie snare/eth andy's visage/eth duriel's shell (woot)
The uber merc will die about once every 10 meph runs, mainly cuz he occasionally goes on strike with his defiance...slow is the key so that's why kelpie's used.

Blizz in my opinion is faster than orb when used right, especially if you can get meph to move around a bit and take all the shards...but that's just my opinion and there's gonna be 1241507 others!


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Has anyone crunched the numbers on NM Mephy? I'm starting a Blizzard sorceress, and I plan on running him for awhile. Hell is just too scary. I haven't managed to get past Act 1 with any of my characters thus far.


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Silkweed said:
Has anyone crunched the numbers on NM Mephy? I'm starting a Blizzard sorceress, and I plan on running him for awhile. Hell is just too scary. I haven't managed to get past Act 1 with any of my characters thus far.
I have no numbers to throw out but I am currently running nm meph with a level 75 meteor sorc with approximately 160%mf and having good results. He is a nice choice for low-medium level items and the odd highly sought after item, ie I found war travs off him. If you are looking for lld or mid-level dueling stuff he is a decent choice, if you are looking for high-end stuff and looking to become "rich" (in bnet terms) don't waste the time on him go for the big scores from him in hell.

Items I am finding are things like whitstans, mosers, frostburns, and some nice mid-level rares. Not much in the way of uber-items but, considering how easy he is to kill in nm, he is worth the trip for me.


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nm meph was good to my first sorc, that is now kinda a mule. two skullders and lots of various other goodies that i could make my zon with. i used her to do hell andy and parts of act5 until i was "rich" (for me, anyway. i don't trade), found a stormshield, occy, wiz and various other things to create a fancy sorc for hell meph. first three runs i find unique dusk shroud (dc clone spawned too, game crashed and shroud disappeared and no more clone :(), one of the unique jewels, and then unique thresher. i have like 101% mf. :)

i'm about ready to get a good run soon i hope since i've been having a dry spell. ;)


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TC-wise, how do NM Mephy, Shenk, Eldritch and Pindle compare? What are the highest conceivable items that they could drop (albeit seldomly, if ever)?

I'm just wondering if I should even bother making a NM Mephy sorceress if S/E/P are better bets for me to run with my trapper. Not that I wouldn't still build her. It's all about character building for me. MF is just like icing on the cake.


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Regarding NM meph, I ran him for weeks and had great results...eventually the items found there enabled me to fight through hell and trade for the elusive shako. You can start at NM meph then slowly work your way up to hell meph, the prospect of stormshields and shako's is too much to ignore...take the risk for a bigger gain! :p