Restarting. Offer 7 Pgems, 60 chipped gems, 20 crapjewels, 2M gold. Need Widowmaker and Wolfhowl


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Hello there!

I'm restarting diablo 2 (again! :p) and wanna make some fun builds.
So i need:
- an above average Widowmaker
- a Wolfhowl (+5 or +6 to skills would be awesome)
- crap stats torches (barb, pala, druid mainly)
- Buriza (190+ %ed)
- Demon Limb
- An idea of what anni goes for nowdays since i doubt i can afford it right now

As stated in the title, as of now, i offer:
7 perfect gems
60 chipped gems
2 million gold
20 crap jewels

I'm perfectly ok with mule trade if needed.

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Unfortunately not much trading happening here these Days, but will let You know if I find any of Your needs on my runs.

But just wanted to let You know about Annis, there was a lot of "Walking the Earth" a while back, and I found a chap online that sold me a really scrappy one for UM and a decent one for IST. But seen them go for a lot more.

On torches I am trying to gear up and lvl up my smiter :) but not there yet, seen torches going for a couple of highrunes