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Restarted D2 need hammerdin gear (specifically enigma)

Discussion in 'US West Standard - Ladder' started by deathslayer, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. deathslayer

    deathslayer IncGamers Member

    Sep 9, 2013
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    A friend and I restarted Diablo 2 after a long hiatus. We would like to start ubering soon but lack equipment. Specifically equipment for a hammerdin. Once we can get him up and running we would like to get a smiter up and running as well. But I don't forsee that anytime soonish.

    The biggest thing I want is enigma so we can start doing key runs to get more stuff. My sorceress can get there sometimes but lacks the power to kill them (cold immunes).

    I do have some high runes to trade but we are missing a lot and I know it won't cover everything. The main thing I want is any enigma if possible. I can only guarentee the validity on 2 of the pul runes (they came from both of our hell forges).

    What I have to trade:

    3 pul
    2 um
    2 mal
    2 ist
    3 hel
    -5/+4 rainbow facet fire jewel
    4os loricated armor (4XX def)
    4os flail
    other stuff that's not as good (IK helm, Aldurs helm, etc).

    I know its not much but again I need to start small. Looking for hammerdin gear, specfically enigma.

    We currently have spirit swords (not shields). ravenfrost ring and gaurdian angel plate, and war traveller's equipped on him. His shield is a unique shield that gives + chance to block and +50 resis all. I forget what it is called. Boots, ammy, 1 ring, and gloves still suck.
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