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Response to "Anti TPPK guide v1.2 " -My way


I just started Diablo2 again about a month and a half ago and played a SCL-char until now. I thought I would like some new challenges in the reset so:
I drew the outlines for a funny and interesting build before the reset..I thought: "This would make for a [x]funny, [x]interesting and [x]different build for the new ladder to come. ."

Now when the ladder resetted, I fastly made progression and leveled to 30 in EUHCL, but at this time I had chatted with a friend about the "TP-Player Killers" (explained in that guide) and was getting nervous, more and more nervous as I still continued to play, despite the warnings. I hadn't had a HC-character since 3-4 years ago and thought I would make one for the new ladder. I also thought I wouldn't want to use any add-on programs because I am a honest man to the heart, so luckily then I stumbled upon this guide here in the forums and started to munch it. .

Well I got a bit disappointed because I quickly realised my build would never have such res-gear, a) because that would hurt too much of her imago and second, cripple any ability to perform as planned. So then I came up with an idea to continue to play her without worrying about the TPPK-people. .

With my mule idling with Cain (diablo's minions growing they are yes, mm..), and me shooting away with my loyal merchant and my twin-sister (looks just like me), I just might make it.

I hope to gather (trade)/find enough of the necessary gear to build an anti-tppk-type character one day. I think I will still play her with my friends though, but will stay away from public Baal runs.

I wrote this so I could help others who are struggling with this problem. I have already cleared the game in SP-mode once before, with a stupidly hard build, why not again in HC-mode.. (I quite enjoy the peacuful enviroment. Although it's hard, it's also very rewarding AND you will get to keep all item drops!). This doesn't mean you won't be interacting trough forums, trading with people and generally just having a good time knowing you are fightning for a better future!

-Scope, EUHCL
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Re: Response to "Anti TPPK guide v1.2 " -My way

Ah well, maybe I wrote it to be too confusing, afterall it's a response to the post I am referring to in my topic. Have to stop writing at late hours lol. Sorry for this ****.