Respec help: min requirements


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Respec help: min requirements

Hi all. So after a long time of saving up I have managed to get what I was after for my end game barb gear. Previously, I had a lot of points in dex to enable me to equip phase blades before I got an anni (16 stats) and Btorch (17 stats) and my second ravenfrost (19dex).

My question is: when I respec how low can I go with strength and dex stats? Do I go for the minimum hard points to equip gear using the points from the gear. Is there any danger in using the gear points in this way? I have heard of people losing items if they die. Also, is there a particular order to put gear on.

I was told in game yesterday that others can't see my helmet because I use strength from items to equip arreats.

Thanks for any help or advice!


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Re: Respec help: min requirements

Afaik there's no danger in the way you're doing it. The problem comes when you use other items (like a strength ring or on your bo swap) to put on your main gear, then take them off. When you pick up your body you'll not have enough strength to equip everything so some items will remain in your body. Die again and you'll create a new body with your other items. If you then quit you lose everything that was in the body when you died first time round. Or something like that.

Just to be sure you can ask someone to kill you before spending anything in vit, then pick up your body to see if it works. If so, shift-click vit :>