resistance woes


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resistance woes

Ok, I finished building my fury/rabies ww a few days ago and Im still learning how to duel effectively with it. However, Ive noticed that my fire and poison resistances are absolute dirt, and my lightning and cold could use a bit of help.

So, my gear is: Shael'd jalals
Enigma dusk shroud
um'd ss
gore riders
torch+anni+life/res scs+ss lifers

So, with that setup my resistances are 15/50/59/16. I am pretty sure that is a bit below the expected resistances, so my question is if there is a way to up my resistances and if so how. Or, if I can really play in a way that I dont need resistances in a pub situation(barbarians, sorceress, necros, etc.)

Clay bizzle

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This is why you keep gear switches in your stash. You won't need dungos for example against casters. Aldurs boots (50 fr), IK belt (28 fr 31 lr), Treks (40-70 pr) and Natalyas boots (15-25 cr and lr) are all really easy substitutions. Triple resist boots with r/w are great, but really rare. Death's gloves + Bramble armor or Tal'd 3 socket Nat's armor pretty much annihilates Poisonmancers, unless of coarse you're a pure Vita build and don't see the potential that equipment changes will give you. I wouldn't be afraid of keeping at least one Dwarf Star and Wisp Projector in your stash either for absorb.


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I recently made a treachery, only need shael+thul+lem, and no more resist worries as I see it. Just a thought, plus it looks cool too lol.