Res or dmg?


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Res or dmg?

Equiped with:

Circlet 2 Fire skills; 20 all res; 5/5 fire facet.
Mara's 30 all res.
Hoto 35 all res.
Troll Nest 25 fire resist, 3 perf. fire facets.
Spiderweb sash uniq.
Rare ring 20 str, 30 life, 9 fire res.
Rare ring 20 str, 20 life, 10 FCR.

With all the charms I have my light. res is 75 exactly, wearing Ormus. Should I remove 3 Fire Skillers and place 3 grand 15 all res, and change the armor to Guardian angel, um'ed, or use the fireball Ormus and have no stacked light res?

The first way, i'll have 45 stacked res receiving less elemental dmg, and the second I'll deal more dmg but die from one lightning.

My life is about 2500 with bo, I have no points in str or dex, all vita.

So, 10 FS, Ormus and about 20k fire dmg, or Res and about 17500 dmg?

I don't like changing equipment, I play in public duel games only.

With no stacked light. res a common light sorc. will take me in 1 hit usually, but if I lower my dmg a bit, I can survive after 5 hits... Is dmg important or should I put more res?


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Fireball lvl 95 sorc. It's so obvious that I just forgot to say it.

P.S.: "Fireball ormus", fire facets... What could it be?:)


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ya but you said guardian angel which got me confused.

anyway, i would say go for resists. Whats the point of more damage if you can't stay alive?


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yeah and whats the point killing someone with 5 hits when you can easily do it with 10.
I'd go for resist. and throw away that hoto, get a fire eschy (and wizzy vs casters), and that circlet of yours, while doesn't have any fcr, just use a jah'd shako or something... and the shield, get a goddamn whistan... uh... why dont you start the whole build over? with your troll nest you prolly don't have any block, you're dead vs barbs with no block. also id recommend that you get a nice crafted sorc amu, with maybe 1-2 sorc, 15+ fcr, dex/str, which you should be able to get with a perf mara.
as long as you hit the 105% fcr bp. so if youre lacking fcr, throw on a viper.

this is what most sorcs should do imo:

base str, with low req items (such as viper, whitstan, etc.)

and get some mana... imo sorcs without es are dead. 1900/1900 life mana works great, and get a combination of es and telekinesis. with 1900/1900 life mana this means that you practically have 3800 life.

and what is REALLY important is getting a full strength bug on her. she looks like a cheap whore with all the **** on.