rerolling q's



rerolling q's

i've read a lot about people rerolling stuff in the cube. however i dont know what items can be its done......or what exactly it does.

if anyone could clear this up for me that would be great

Thanks in advance.


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3 pgems + magic item (blue items, incl. charms) = New magic item of same type

Where and what creature dropped the item determinant what mods can spawn on it.


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Any magical (blue) item can be rerolled. Basically, the effect is of getting a brand new magical item with differant mods. I.e. You reroll a grand charm and you get a grandcharm with differant mods on it. Since there's only so many mod possibilities on grand charms, people "reroll" them again and again in hopes of getting the mods they want on it. It requires a little luck, but mostly just patience and resources(pgems up the wazoo). Also, for the better mods like life on a skiller charm, the higher item lvl of the charm the better odds. This is why people talk about baal charms, since hell baal drops charms with ilvl 99 or something close to that. Don't confuse ilvl, with the level requirment. The lvl requirment changes everytime you reroll, but the item level, which is hidden, stays the same and is defined only by what level monster dropped it. Hope that helps.