-% Requirement Items

Idalia Snoweyes

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-% Requirement Items

I have an Enigma (230 Strength... ouch), that I wanted to equip on my paladin for quick runs through areas... the only problem is that the paladin has 197 Strength after all items.

So I figured I would take a jewel I had (+9% Fire/Poison/Light, +20% Cold, +63 Attack, -15% Requirements) and socket it into an item. Doing the math, this would reduce the strength requirement by 34.5 points, putting it at either 195/196 (Depending on the way the game handles the math).

Having done this, I could not equip the item, still... curious.

So I socket a second item with another jewel (+22% ED, +9 Strength, +8 Energy, -15% Requirements)... now this gives a -30% (If they stack), which would reduce it to 161 Required Strength, while increasing my own strength to 206.

This as well, did not work - My armor has no Strength modifier (Fortitude) - So my question is: Why can I not equip the armor? (I meet all requirements, save the strength, which is the whole reason I used the -% Requirement jewels).

I am baffled... do -% items not work towards Runewords? Is it a bug? Help ~.~


zooply said:
it only reduces the req on the item socketed, not other items


You would need to get the exta str. via leveling your Hammerdin more or addign + to STR items.


You'd be better off remaking that enigma (and paladin), or trading it for one in a low req armor. I can't imagine any paladin that could efficiently make use of that much str.

Idalia Snoweyes

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Zeal/Smiter, not a Hammerdin, but that is moot.

As for leveling... at 87, he is not likely to get much higher.

I guess I will look for a desperate barbarian somewhere.

Thank you for the information.

Idalia Snoweyes

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The paladin itself does not have that high of a strength... the majority comes from it's other equipment (Belt/Gloves/Ring/Amulet/Boots all having more than +10).

And he does alright... just managed his first run through the mini-ubers and I will likely make his first Trist run later on when i get home from work.


My old barb used a sacred enigma and I can tell you there is no difference between using it or an archon plate, except that you need a lot more strength for the sacred armor.

I still like the way it looks and all that, but I switched to archon long ago. You only need 108 str (as opposed to 232) to equip archon, which may be only 30-40 points after torch and anni.

So according to my mathamgismic skills 108 > 232, so figure that one out ...


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Xenon[KoA] said:
run/walk penalty + massive str saved.
How is that no difference?
I think he means performance-of-defence-wise there's no difference, in other words "not worth to use scared armor".

I second that, it's really a bad idea to make an rw armor with straight def bonus rather %ed.

Eilo Rytyj

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I think he means the small, insignificant difference in defence between the two different armors.

And archon plate needs 103 str, btw.