Requesting help with making a PvP Charger


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Requesting help with making a PvP Charger

I'm not quite sure what gear to use for a PvP 2 handed charger, help is much appreciated.



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Re: Requesting help with making a PvP Charger

i'm about to regear my charge/smiter as a pure charger (coz i rebuilt my smiter)

helm: Gaze, Kira's or Guillaumes (havn't decided which)
ammy: highlords or angelics
rings: raven + idk, angelics or zorb ring
armour: fort (thats what i built him around)
wep: e-death decapitator
belt: i have no idea. maybe a dungos, maybe some rare, maybe hsaru's boots/belt
boots: maybe gores, maybe hsaru's, maybe res-boots.

the thing you have to accept with a 2h charger is: it's an all or nothing proposition. if you connect, they die. if you get blocked, dodged, charge-chain-interrupted or any such mishap befalls you, you die. usually horribly.

chargers hate ww-users.


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Re: Requesting help with making a PvP Charger

3 posts down was just a thread about pvp chargers.

Read SSoG's guide, everything you need to know about charging in pvm, it had alot of usefull information.

The basic skill setup would look something like:

20 charge
20 might
20 vigor
20 fanaticism
1 pt holy freeze
1 pt holy shield
rest you can put in resist lightning

Gears depend alot of who your dueling.

Helm: Kira's, Coa ber ber, guillamus.

Amulet: Highlords, mara's, angelics.

Weapons: eth death decapitator is the best 2hander weapon, they quite rare on non ladder tho and finding one for reasonable price will be hard. Ebotd warpike works.

You also want 1hander + shield setup. Your gonna use it when you need to get really high resists or when blocking is absolutely must, i.e againts bowazons.

Edeath zerker / ettin axe are both awesome. Grief also works very well and will allow you to smite quite effectively.

Armor: Fortitude, coh, enigma, all good armos. I'd use fortitude as a all around armor and switch for enigma vs. bone necros and other opponents where teleport is handy.

Shield for 1 hand setup: Phoenix offers you the highest damage. Hoz, sanctuary, storm are all good shields too.

Gloves: draculs, bloodfists if tap is consired bm. ( not that it would proc alot anyway.

Belt: verdungo, thunder god.

Boots: Gores, resists boots.

Rings: ravens, angelics and abs rings in stash.

Switch: cta & spirit

Inventory: As much max / ar / life charms as you can get, some resist charms to push you to good numbers in a all around setup.



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Re: Requesting help with making a PvP Charger

Wouldn't duress be better?
as i said in the other thread.....

yes and no.

duress has massive Open Wounds and chargers aren't really a damage-over-time kind of build, they're more of the One Big Thump variety. Duress is great when combined with a widowmaker.

Fort is ok'ish, but the damage boost isn't as big as you'd think because a charger is already swimming in a sea of off-weapon/skill-based %ed anyways.