Request:Please Check for the Commando guide


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Request:please Check for the Commando guide

I would really hate to start from scratch, so if any of you who have viewed my Guide, like Beatboxer or MadMantis, if I could get a copy or a post of it, I would be very appreciative.



Ver' cool above poster....I'm afraid you'll probly have to re-apply the bold and italics most likely Kbob, but o well, at least your guide "survived" the crash.:cool:

Mad Mantis

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Kbob, are you slowly turning into a Druid? Do you by chance feel the need to spend more time in a park?


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I just returned the PM.

Mad, druids are fun, but my Commando still is kicken. If you haven't heard, I just bought Call to Arms and a Wisp project for him. Some day I'll get a bramble and doom weap for my merc, MWAHAHAHHA.

Thanks Again Ultima, I'll put you in the honorable mentions and thanks category for V2.0