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repost of pk-ing library

if anyone has any more suggestions or additions, please list below. helpfull comments are also welcome.

How to hunt and pk people in hardcore.

This article is about pk-ing in the low level areas. It focuses on both hunting tactics and builds, and contains a large amount of information in these areas. After reading it you’ll be tempted to give in to the Dark Side. If you do so please be both stylish and honorfull. So no spamming of “I pwn y00 y0u n3wb31 I R th4 l33t pl4y3r”. Please remember that this article is about pk-ing in Hardcore, not duelling. If you bring your pk-ers into the duelling arena, be prepared to get trashed unless you KNOW what you are doing. So, first my hunting tactics. It doesn’t contain all tricks of the trade, rest assured that I’ve kept a few to myself. Second is the Builds Library with all kinds of insane and powerful builds. I don’t guarantee that everything is 100% correct or the best way to do it, but they work.
Oh ya, its hardcore, so potions are ok to use. Die another day folks, fat purples are your only friend.

The Hunting guide

1) Prepare

Before you go hunting you prepare yourself. This means that your gear is fixed, as in 100% repaired, and you have enough fat purple potions to fill your belt. These are the most basic preparations. However, in order to do a good “run” you need to be stocked up to your own specific and exact needs. I cannot give a perfect recipe for that, only some general things to think about:1 space in the inventory for the ear, and 2 more spaces for a full tome of TP. If you manage to get more than 1 ear in single run, or in a single area, simply open a tp and run to and fro. Apart from that and the purple potions you need to look at your mana usage and your stamina amounts. Since you’re hunting you’ll spend a lot of time running, and a few stamina potions used at the right time can keep you running an fast beyond what the prey suspects. Using fat purples to recoup mana is quick but very dumb. Instead, buy some +200 mana potions and use those. In a melee char they will refill the mana like mad anyway, but you don’t waste a purple on that. In heavy fights mana is never an issue, but when on the hunt more mana is better.
In light of the running issue it is also very important to have as many wp’s as possible in the acts that you want to pk in, and preferably all wp’s in the entire difficulty. This enables you to attack from any given point in the game and get into non-wp areas as fast as possible. If you have to run from the city entrance to the far oasis in act 2, you’ll be too late.
If you only have the most necessary quests you can sometimes spot people by means of “quest activation”. If the gidbin suddenly activates you know they are in the Flayer Jungle for example, without even looking at the party screen.
Last but most certainly not least: Turn off the DII music and put on something more fitting. My personal preference is speedmetal, but if you like Bach, put that on. PK-ing is very frustrating sometimes; people insult you, annoy you and act like sobs. There’s nothing wrong with their behaviour, it’s a kind of natural response, but its still frustrating ;). Why can’t they all just die with a smile? Be sure to leave the DII sounds on. Running can cause desync, and hearing a monster attack you when you don’t see it is the first indication of desync in most cases.

2) Look for good games

Yeah I know, “runs” are the prime targets for any attacking pk-er, and they are filled with them. The advantage is that there you can hit on your fellow pk’s and get into really messy fights. These are the first and most obvious games to hunt and kill people in. However, as you are a pk you are certainly able to attack higher levels. So try to enter games where players are higher levels than you.
Other good games are “diablokills” and other specific, quest-related games. Killing Diablo is dangerous and people aren’t always paying attention to what happens. Diablo himself is pretty close to the WP and the way is always the same, so once you spot a party, they’re either gone or dead. Eventually you will get the feel for games, and instinctively know what games are more likely to yield a fight. PK-ing and duelling games are often a waste of your time when on the hunt. The people in there are either armed to the teeth and more likely to draw against you, spectators or lamers with some kind of cheat or 40 extra levels. You can spend an hour in a duelling game and not get a single fight despite having 7 others in the game.
Good games are hard to find. Games with only a single player are for the desperate pk’s.

3) Declare hostility

All people do this different. Some people call everyone “noobs” and then attack (honor? Style?). Others simply hostile without a warning. Ideally, your hostility warning is fun, or causes some response. I’ve sometimes started an argument and then hostiled people to lure them into thinking that I am actually not a nasty pk but a normal guy who’s being dumb, but in the end this method isn’t as gratifying as my simple “Death comes for all, and I come for you.”. “Die plz” was another one of my favourites if my temper had suffered. People will laugh, people will scoff, but that’s the fate of the pk-er. Expect insults, threats and much random stupidness from people. If someone threatens to hack your pc, well, tell him to line up. Numerous people have slung that at my head and to date my pc is still working, and nobody ever nicked my accounts.

4) Start hunting

Of course, with a tad of luck you were invited to the party and have already checked their location. If you want to pass the WP fast, i.e. without the 10 second timer then please bust your modem with a hammer and eat it ok? Give them a chance to run. My kills were always 100% legit, and I’ve made plenty. Now, count to ten, impatiently click the wp and then on to the hunt! The 10 seconds pass faster if you have something to type like “10 seconds of freedom left.”
Really smart people will pre-load the wp, as this reduces lag and vulnerability at the WP. This will however also set off any potential prey with half a brain. At least, when I see someone popping up at the WP, I am prepared for the hostile and scram upon hearing. Still, if the entire party is at the WP and ready to do battle against a pk-er, you will die without the preload. You can also preload art by popping in a wp with the same art as the area you want to jump to. I once came out a WP with no preloaded art with only 30 out of 650 life left. I recouped and killed some party members, but it was really close. Faster pc’s have the advantage here. I’ve also preloaded a WP once in 1.09 and killed a chickenhacker who tried to use the TP chicken trick… its one of my all-time favourite screenshots.
What if the prey isn’t at the WP and not visible on the screen? If you have Maphack then you already know what to do, yes, that’s right, bust your modem with a hammer and eat it. Most of us don’t however. What I do is pick up trails. I start running in a likely direction (whatever my brain tells me to do), and press Alt. I then follow the trail of scattered items and debris until I either run into 4-5 tp’s or into the party. Following the debris and leftovers is a sure way of finding the party, but if they did a full clean of an area you’re screwed.
If you are running in the arcane and meet monsters, turn around. There’s nobody there. Only follow trails that have breadcrumbs.
When inside follow the trail and only go through doors that are already open, unless there’s no trail to follow yet (Cata 2, taking the WP when the party came through the stairs). Opened doors and items are the ideal follow-ups.
However, tracking isn’t always the best idea. If the party knows you’re coming they will expect to see you from behind, and will watch their maps in that area intensively. When given an opportunity you will take a WP in advance of the party (taking Halls of the Dead 2 when the party is still on Halls 1) and attack them full frontal. This works remarkably well. You will usually suddenly “pop up” in an area filled with monsters. People with MH will be less likely to see you as only the areas they have cleaned are empty. You’re just another, although fast moving dot, and they know that there are dots up front. Ironically only those that do not use cheats are more likely to spot you. Still, attacking from the front takes people off guard and leaves them open to the kill.
So, you’ve chased them down, killed one, and the rest has fled or left the game entirely. You take your ear, and then notice the leering crowd in town. What to do with those?
You can exchange some insults. Fun, cute, and pointless. You can dare them but if you have already killed a member of the party they most likely won’t bite. You can leave the game. But! But but but! But half of the fun is getting those insulting nitwits in town and killing them as soon as they step over the edge of town. What sometimes helps is simply walking outside. Someone might follow. What also helps is missing deliberately, or start running after getting hit once or twice. Pretend to be a jackass. It’s unbelievable how gullible some people are. If people start running in and out of town, start counting. As soon as you detect a pattern count and attack on the second before they should come outside. This works remarkably well with chargers, as it takes time to reach the enemy. If you attack the instant they click they wont have the time to stop themselves and will get hit and possibly die. You’ll get insulted and called a cheater, but it is worth it just to wipe that annoying smile of their face.
Always count the tp’s in town, make sure whom you are missing and check them. Run through all the wp’s, and if you see something “off” like dead monsters, investigate. I’ve surprised a great many players that way who thought they had outsmarted me. People who think, “come and get me” do not count on a 30% faster run//walk char with 4 stamina potions and inherent knowledge of what is placed where in an area. Run, do not hesitate, attack and keep attacking. PK-ing is about outsmarting your enemies and killing them. It is about hunting them down.
Don’t count on getting ears anytime soon. PK-ing is having patience, cunning and outwitting the prey. As long as you stay below level 15, don’t feel afraid to prey on anything that crosses your path. If you want dignity and a fair fight go to a duelling game. Be ruthless! You’re a mean, lean killing machsjeen, and you’re here to kill anything you hostile. Always back up your threats and attempts. Oh yes, before I forget, there’s always a bigger fish (or bear) so be prepared to die. You will! As soon as my pk-ers stash is nearly full I usually get less defensive and pretty much attack anyone and anything I run across, leading in an untimely demise.

Remember: Death comes for all, and I’ll be coming for you!

Baranors 1.10 Low Level Dueling Library for Hardcore

This LLD guide is especially for level 9-24. Don’t look at me if things don’t work, don’t blame me, and above all, don’t bother me with it. If you think your build is better, then go kill someone. This guide is not about what idea is best; it’s about how to make a LLD-er in an effective way. Sure, there might be a more effective (expensive setup), but I’m here for some quick fun ^_^.

Here’s a list of general equipment needed for a physical damage build: If its not specified as equipment, you still need gear like this.
3-4 socket armor with + max dam jewels
3 socket mask/great helmet/crown with +max damage jewels
angelic rings+amulet for AR and life
Deaths sash for CBF
Deaths hands for 30% IAS and 8% LL
Cow King boots if you have em for +20 dex, don’t waste on builds that don’t need dex.
Twitchtroe for faster attacks, better block and FHR.
Bloodfist if you don’t need the IAS from deaths hands.

2-handed Charge Paladin

God knows why there are so many of them, as they actually did not improve THAT much compared to 1.09. The 1/6th penalty cuts the damage enough to let me state that unless you have really uber damage gear, there is not much damage difference between 1.10 and 1.09 in a 2-handed charger. Still, people seem to favour this build. Why not? It can be made really cheap and is still effective.

Skills: max might, 1 pt into charge. Use might as aura.
Why max might? 20% synergy and 10% damage bonus means you get 30% ED from a single point in might when you use charge and might as aura. Thats 5% more than spending points into charge. AR isnt an issue as you can get your hands on some AR rings.

Stats: Str//dex for weapon, rest into vit.

Items: Ideally you go for +max dam armor and helmet, a high damage maul, angelics, gorefoot or hsarus for the 20% faster run walk and bloodfists//deaths sash for more life, CBF and FHR. If you are thinking about CK boots I suggest you save those for a build that needs Dexterity and go with Vidala’s Fetlocks or Threads of Chton instead.

Cheap version: Shop for a pike 100 + damage (or a maul), shop for +life helmet, armor and belt, get some crude gloves, 10-20% IAS boots, some AR rings (magical will do) and start charging people. 100-150-ish max PvP damage per charge. Pathetic, and dirt-cheap.

Next on is the 1-handed charger

Basically, the gear is as above, but you can either go max block with a BSoD ( and then CK boots) or max damage with an %ED paladin shield with max damage jewels. However, for the weapon there are two choices:
An Ethereal War hammer with as much damage as you can put on it. Be advised that the thing will break.
Cleglaw’s sword, possibly with a +max damage jewel. The 50% deadly strike offsets any damage gains from other weapons pretty well. I have a level 12 charger with sub-par gear that does 200 max PvP damage per charge (on a good roll) thanks to Cleglaw s sword. The main damage from a Cleg’s charger comes from the +max jewels in armor, helmet and shield. If you make an off-ladder pk-er try and get a 1.09 Azurewrath, preferably Ethereal, as those have more weapon damage. However, they are going to be hard to find.

Countering the charger

The charger paladin is one of the most seen builds on battlenet these days especially for low level duelling and pk-ing. Here are a few counter strategies for fighting the chargerdin, or surviving the attacks.

1) Life.
Have as much life as you possibly can. Remember that a good charger up to level 20 can do 2000 max PvM with perfect gear, and even with a 1/6th reduction, that is still 300 max PvP damage. It is entirely likely that a 1-handed charger can dish out even more damage due to cleglaws sword. So, unless you have at least 500 life, don’t even think about standing in their way. Above level 21 it is no-holds barred fighting, and a level 34 ethereal steeldriver charger who was no damage gear and socketed his ethereal steeldriver with a Hel rune can do 6000 PvM damage per charge… that’s 1000 PvP, and that WILL hurt. If he’s 100% decked out with sharps and damage jewels he can add another 2000-3000 to that total for 1500 PvP damage per charge. Unless you are nuts you had better not stand in his way.

2) Defense
High defense… as high as possible. We are not talking about 1000 defense here, we are talking about 2000-3000 defense on a level 18 character. PK-ers use Angelic amulet + jewelry, and therefore usually have at least 1000 AR. Some have double or triple that. In order to stand a good chance for them to miss, you need a LOT of defense. Concentrate barbs with maxed shout and a magical ethereal armor might be able to dodge a few blows.

3) Blocking
75% block…. Stops 3/4th of the blows. So if you get charged you have a 3/4th change of escaping alive… provided you are walking and not running because then the blocking drops to 33% of its original value.

4) Skills

Energy Shield, Bone Armor, Dodge, all those skills offer additional chance of escaping a charge.

Your best bets are life, blocking and then skills. My current jabberzon has about 550 life, 75% chance to block and 40% chance to dodge, giving the enemy a 15% chance to hit me and no more. More detailed info on how to counter a chargerdin should go into a duelling guide and not a pk-ing guide.

Double swing barbarian

Then there is the Double Swing barbarian, another good build that got me plenty of ears. Provided you have plenty life he is also efficient in countering 2-handed chargers.

Max dam armor, helmet, sigons gloves//belt//boots or deaths sahs//hand+20-30% IAS boots, angelic ammy+rings or AR rings +nokazim relic (30% FHR) and dual Cleglaw s swords.
I placed two points into double swing to drop the mana costs to 1 per attack, a single point into Sword Mastery for the base AR//damage bonus and placed the rest into Bash to get a nice synergy bonus. At level 13 I did about 60-120 max PvP per double swing. Since I had 30% IAS I chopped like a rabid barb on speed and molested pretty much anything in my way. Downside is you do not have a shield, so he is not very suited for serious duelling.


Enough into zeal for 5 hits (4 pts IIRC), 1 pt into might and the rest into sacrifice for synergy. Get a max dam twitch, max dam deflecting shield, max dam mask, deaths hand//sash, clegs sword, threads of chton or CK boots. Angelic rings+ammy. Although you have short range, you are one of the fastest builds available at this level. With a full damage setup (no twitch but a 4 sock armor) and some max damage charms you should be able to hit 1300 PvP per zeal cycle at level 18.

Double Throw Barb

See 1.09 but remember that DS also gets you 10% damage per point spent there, and that just might outclass the mastery at a certain point when skill points are thin. For a level 12 DT barb go with max DS, rest into TM, 1 pt double throw.

You can also do this with throwing knives. In fact, it’s a hell of a lot of fun with throwing knives. You’ll carve out a path of bloody ears and steak everyone to the wall. Nobody will take you serious, but you’ll still be able to kill people with this build ^_^. Just don’t count on surviving any duells.

Ribbit Barb

Uhm yeah, 1 pt into mastery of choice, rest into Ribbit, and at level 18 1 pt into Ribbit attack. After that leap attack is your main staple. Ribbit, ribbit!

Str +dex for items, try to get a range 3 weapon as that means that although you can ribbit pretty far, you do not over-ribbit and then miss, or ribbit and then find you can not ribbit again. Ribbit barbs take a lot of practice to build, but once you have one, he is pretty much powerful.

The technique when leaping is NOT to leap at your opponent, but to get in pretty close (so that you can almost hit them), and then to use shift+leap attack and attack them with that. Effectively, when you land, you target the nearest foe and smack him. Also, if you miss a lot, learn to predict where your opponent will go to and leap there. Leap attack takes a lot of time to learn effectively, but it can be a superb PvP skill once properly used. It is also good as a secondary attack to a concentrate barbarian when you find a helmet with +1 leap attack. Get close, leap, and then concentrate.

The Kicksin

Get to 70 str, stick all your points into Dragon Talon, get some 10-20 kicking boots (sigons), get full life gear and start kicking. Maybe a point or 2 into BoS for faster run and more kicking speed. This is even cheaper than the paladin. It doesn’t take much to build them, you won’t get that many ears, but with a -10 weapon in the hand the kick is really fast. The expensive variant of this build focusses around +Str armor, helmet, an Umbral Disk, Skewer of Krinitz, Bloodfist, Sigons Boots, Death’s sash, Angelic rings+ammy and all +life charms. Another option is to go full out on +elemental damage charms and a 6 socket topaz weapon as elemental damage is carried over when kicking. With 6-socket topaz weapon you effectively add 1-22 lighting damage in PvP per hit.

The claw-assassin

copy-paste your favourite assassin-build

ditch the claw, get Cleglaw’s sword.


its a tad less than before, but 750 pvp on a good roll should be attainable with 8 15 maxes in the gear and a 15 max in the sword. I know that there are a lot of variables involved in a build with only 50% DS.... but hey, its a chance to trash level 50's in one hit if they are not careful. LLD is now all about who has the Cleglaw?s.... SWORD! That makes Cleglaw?s set the MOST hated//used set in LLD ever.

If you have a really good claw you can always do a claw-build. Aim for 10% DS, and once in 10 hits you’ll do massive damage like the good old 1.09 days when masteries still had the critical hit bug.


I've made a jabberzon specifically to rip apart those level 12-23 chargerdins, and as soon as I have more than 600 life I'll also rip apart those level 24 ethereal snap chargers. Its nice to go 2-handed, but when faced against 75% block and 40% dodge, you stand a good chance of missing, especially when I walk. Miss=jabb-jabb-jabb=flux or dead. My jabberzon is level 18. 51% critical hit, 40% dodge, and the rest into jab. She doesn’t run out of mana that often, and she's a fine piece of work.

twitch with 1-15 max
44 to max mask
deaths sash+gloves
threads of chton
pelta with 13 max (will upgrade to 3 socket kite with 3 carnages as soon as I can find two +5 large str charms, since blocking itself is still 75% then, and blocking speed is less important against chargers.)

20% IAS throwing spears can be acquired from level 16 (as that’s the Clvl req), then just substitute all carnage jewels with wraths and maybe a pelta.

Here is also a listing on a jabberzon made by HAMC8112

Hi Baranor.

Here's the info about my jabber, her name is *censored*

Str 34
Dex 65
Life 851

Death's gloves/belt
CK boots
BSOD 25max

War javalin lvl18 reg
1 to javelin skills
20 max dmg
1-104 light dmg

Critical strike lvl9 54%
Dodge lvl6 40%
Jab lvl6

8 sc 15life
2 sc 14life
3 sc 13life
6 sc 12life
6 sc 11life
1 sc 10life
1 sc 9life/7% lightres
1 sc 9life
1 sc 7life/10ar
1 sc 1-10lightdmg/2-3colddmg
1 sc 2-15lightdmg
1 sc 1-8lightdmg
1 sc 1-9lightdmg

1 gc 5max/38ar/6poison3sec
1 gc 5max/38ar/14life

As you can see this vile thing has 851 life… not bad for a level 18 huh? If Ham were to increase the charms a bit for some more physical damage and get a better war jav, he’d have a really really nasty build. Now, he just has a nasty build that is not killable by anything at level 18.

Ice Blast sorceress, character level 18 build.

skills: max Ice Blast, rest into Ice Bolt.
Stats: str//dex for items, rest into life

Sigons shield or deflecting shield, tarnhelm with ptopaz, +3 ice blast orb, eye of etlich, +life armor, +life belt, threads of chton, bloodfists, 2 fastcast rings. +life armor can also be substituted for stealth. Some 60-70 PvP damage per Ice Blast provided the enemy doesn’t have any cold resist. Suitable for pk-ing, and if you’re good also for PvP. But any decent dueler wont die to you.

Fireball sorceress

Lvl 21 Fireball Sorc
3 Socket Helm - PRubies
3 Socket Armor (ETH BREAST PLATE - Recommended) - Prubies
Angelics Jewelry
Leaf with Fireball skills already on it. (Tir Ral)

Dump all skills into FireBolt till lvl 12 then put all additional skills in FireBall.
Enough Str for armor
Dump in life and mana.

Thanks to Helohi

Bonewall//mercenary Necromancer.

A mean thing that worked in 1.09 and still works in 1.10 is the Mercenary killer setup. Basically, you equip your necromancer with all-around +life gear, and then you equip your mercenary with the biggest damage pike that you can find and +max damage gear. What you now have is a mercenary that can do up to 300 PvP per jab, most likely per jab HIT. Your necromancer uses the following skills: Amp damage: 1. Bone armor: 1. Bone wall: the rest, or maybe 3 pts into raise skeleton as extra decoys. Amp opponent, block off exits with bonewall and let opponent pummel you. While opponent pummels you, the emrc sneaks in for now 600 PvP per jab, and kills the opponent. Works wonders against 2-handers with no shield, but its not really a tactic that will get you many ears. Still, its fun.


1. On shieldless builds

2-handed chargers, double throw barbs and leaper barbs with no shield are all prone to death by shield+fast attack. Jabbers and zealots will kill you unless you get that extremely lucky hit. Unless the jabber has 400-500 life, in which case they will kill you regardless.

2. Charms etc

Of course you use charms! +life are preferred, and + damage, and +stats. Don’t forget that all important small +1-2 cold damage charm (clvl 10) to hinder those without CBF.

3. Other builds

Basherbarb (max bash, 1 pt into mastery, +max gear, bsod, general equipment, have fun)
Sacadin (max sacrifice, erm, 1 pt into might, max dam gear)

Some other odd builds:

WW level 31-33

Its a bit unsuited for duelling as the WW requires the use of Coldsteel cutlass and that has slow, but its still a great build, and you can have fun using it to pk or pkk people as everyone thinks druids stink.

coldsteel cutlass (eth if possible) with %ED//IAS jewel (shael not needed, only 10% on the weapon)
max dam armor
max dam druid mask, preferably with +3 fury, +3 werewolf and +3 lycantrophy
angelics for rings + ammy
whistans with max dam (or shael for a 5 frame blocking rate, but I'd go with 6 frames and more damage)
deaths sash


extremely straightforward:
2 pts in Werewolf, only 1 if you have a pelt with +werewolf. You need two for a 9/5/5/5/5 fury

max fury for the level (4 pts)
maxed lycantrophy (20 pts)
rest into feral rage (11 pts) for (when fully charged) 32% LL and 49% run//walk speed

no need for a nm pa or a hell pa, normal "pa" will do. nm and hell pa will get you more points into werewolf, but its not really needed.

stats: str as needed, dex for max block, rest into vit
charms: some life charms (pay off REALLY handsome), rest damage.

What will you get: A fast one-handed wolf with a 9/5/5/5/5 fury at clvl 33, doing about 1200 PvP max without any charms and only counting on DS triggering 5 times. In reality, you'll about 600 pvp per fury on average with 32% LL... did I mention yet that you'll have like 2K life?

Expensive variant:
With a full compliment of +6 to max damage charms, perfect +3 fury pelt and 15 max dam jewels, all attacks hitting and triggering DS you'll do 2400 PvP damage provided you get maxed rolls, or 1000 average damage (with 2.5 triggers of DS).

Below level 20, the fastest you're gonna get with attack speed is about 10 frames per attack. That speed in my opinion is too slow for PvP, nuless you do massive damage. unfortuantely, at such low levels thats something you won't do with a Werebear. You could potentially go to 9 frames with a horadric staff, but the weapon sucks and you can't socket it so I would not advise it.

So, here ya go:

The Rogue Werebear

A level 20 7 FPA werebear who even stands a decent chance of killing things. He's only suited for PK though and not for duelling since he lacks a shield, but he's got more under his hood than what people expect.

Bears and wolves in shapeshifted form can use missile weapons to whack people. The Burzia-Bear and Burzia Wolf are common examples of this. In the low level range, the Werebear lacks any decent offensive weaponry in the form of the extreme IAS requirements. I know that that punk Seise trusts on his General's Tan Do Li Ga, but it's one of the lamer weapons in existance. Besides, he needs massive IAS to make that thing work (with 50% IAS he's down to an 11 framer )

The answer to the question is simple really:
Rogue's Bow
Composite Bow
Two-Hand Damage: (7-10 To (12.6-14.4) (9.8-11.2 Avg)
Required Level: 20
Required Strength: 25
Required Dexterity: 35
Base Weapon Speed: [-10
+40-60% Enhanced Damage(varies)
+100% Damage to Undead
30% Deadly Strike*
50% Increased Attack Speed
+60 to Attack Rating
All Resistances +10

As you can see, the damage is crap, and stays crap, even with a 15 max. However, two things make this weapon really shine:
50% IAS on the weapon
30% deadly strike.

With 10% extra IAS from bloodfists, you bring your weapon down to 7 fps, the fastest attainble for a werebear at that level.
30% deadly strike grants you the chance to do double damage once every 3 blows, so on averge once every second, as ho hmum hum ho! you whack 3 times per second. Since you only need bloodfists for the extra speed, you can use deaths sash, and max armor and helmet. Angelics coupled with say CK boots for dexterity, or better yet Sanders Boots for some dex, some Str and LOTS of AR (not to mention the fastest run walk at that level) cover the dex requirement for this build. An ethereal 4-socket goth plate is in fact fine, as you can actually use the high defense of a Werebear for a chance.

Fairly straightforward:
Max Maul for the level (so thats level 9 maul for 140% ED), and vary between lycantrophy and Werebear as you see fit. However, the first point of Werebear offers a solid 50% ED, and after that its 7% per skill point. I would suggest investing in Lycantrophy instead, for more life.

You see, this build has one big advantage over many other builds: The ability to withstand damage. You can merrily chuck lots of damage charms into the inventory of this baby and still have pretty good life, as the lycantrophy bonus at this level, added up with the bonus of Werebear, is substantial (with a normal PA you can have up to 125% life added) so any given life charm counts double and a bit. This means that angelics alone yield an impressive 250+ life.

since the build requires no dexterity and only little Str (imagine a light plate with 3 sockets instead of a 4-socket goth plate) you're going to be spending most of your points into Vit as well. I guess that 1000 life, 7 fpa and a nice amount of ED per blow with 30% chance of doing double damage will do the trick pretty well

The level 29 Werebear.

6 shael dimensional blade /crowbill(for a 5 fpa attack)
Bloodfists (30% FHR and 40 to life as well as 5 to minium damage)
Bladebuckle (stats boni and another 30% FHR)
CK boots or sanders boots (Stats +AR, I'd go with sanders)
max dam armor
max dam pelt with (pref) +3 WB, Lyc and Maul
Angelic rings//ammu or Maoim Ammy and two good rings with AR//stats//life and resist
Shael-Eth Grim shield (excep bone shield right?)

skills: Max Maul, split rest between lyc and WB as wanted. DONT waste points into oaks age (1 will do) as people will kill that if they are smart, and after the first point the life bonus is the same for oak as it is for lyc.

stats: selfexplanatory, str as needed and dex for max block.
charms: damage, life, and another 26% FHR for the breakpoint

At this point you have a werebear that has a 5 fpa attack (every hit, so he's a tad faster than a zealot), a 7 frame block animation and a 6 frame hit recovery. He has inbuilt stun so he'll most likely stun lock the enemy, massive life, CBF and decent damage. I've gone through various builds, but if you want to totally surprise anyone at level 29, this is the build. Nobody expects a fast, deadly Werebear at that level. Rack up some inertia small charms and you'll run like a rabid bear on speed as well. The only downside is that he can of course become a pretty expensive project.

Happy hunting folks!


zappa sticky please?


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reminds me that I need to include the level 18 hammerdin, the impala-dispose zon and a sacadin setup too. feel free to make em.

charged boltress anyone?


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Great job Baranor!

About the jabberzon, indeed she needs a better weapon, i am still looking for one. And some max dmg charms aswell. She fought some PK's in sewergames so far, once they realise that they cant touch me the leave quickly.

Maybe we need something like this thread for high lvl PKing aswell, i am sure lots of people could contribute. Maybe a thread out of with Baranor could filter the High lvl PK guide?

All Hail Baranor!


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I got the sacadin covered:
Level 9:
3 socket light/breast plate, with 3 wrath jewels
3 socket mask/crown with 3 wrath jewels
same as Baranors suggestions on the shield, a 4 socket ed/ar paladin shield is best, but if you cant get that, use a bone shield of deflecting with wrath jewels.
if you bump it to level 11, you can use cathans ammy/ring for a 20 str bonus IIRC
If you are staying at level 9, use a +5 str ammy with whatever second mod you can get, and +AR rings, nagel rings are good for their AR, but magic rings can get higher +ar if you spend the time finding them.
Deaths belt
deaths gloves
Hsarus boots

1 LC with some cold damage (you must be lvl 10 for a 1-2 cold dmg small charm)
as many large life charms as you can get.

max out sacrifice for your level, rest in sacrifice.



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Could the Sacadin be converted to Classic? The damage would be a lot lower, but then I think that characters' life would also be a bit lower and make it a little more balanced. There are two set-ups I'm wondering about, one would be 11 Sacrafice/8 Might, and then 11 Sacrafice/1 Might/6 Holy Fire/1 Resist Fire. Which way I go is depending on the weapon.

With the Might set-up I get +440% dmg and +90% AR. With the Holy Fire set-up I get +330%, +90% AR, +24-38 fire dmg, and a 4.1-6.4 pulse. On a rare weapon, the best mods I think I can get for use by lvl 11 would be Brutal (+41-50%), Fine (+21-40 AR, +21-30%), Silver (61-80 AR), Frost (1-4 cold, 5 seconds), Readiness (+10% IAS), and either min or max dmg. This would be the perfect rare weapon for Classic at that lvl right? Or Khalim's Will could be used, it's extremely fast, adds lightning dmg and AR, but has a low min and max. Uniques could be the Diggler (Just throwing ideas out), Crushflange, Stoutnail, Deathspade, Knell Striker, Blood Crescent, and Skewer of Krinitz. I'd probably go with Khalim's, even though it has very very low dmg, hardly noticiable in fact, it goes very fast, letting me get more hits in over time. Maybe this would average the dmg back out? It also has no requirements, so I could pump vitality. The swords would probably be the best fit, but they also have dex requirements, however small they may be. Blood Crescent even has Open Wounds and 15% life leech, which would help out with the 8% dmg taken.

Any help?


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aint life grand Shade? I feel pretty much responsible for that, but as you can see from the most recent posts not everyone quite grasps the concepts of actually killing peeps yet.


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TheCerberus said:
Could the Sacadin be converted to Classic? The damage would be a lot lower, but then I think that characters' life would also be a bit lower and make it a little more balanced. There are two set-ups I'm wondering about, one would be 11 Sacrafice/8 Might, and then 11 Sacrafice/1 Might/6 Holy Fire/1 Resist Fire. Which way I go is depending on the weapon.

With the Might set-up I get +440% dmg and +90% AR. With the Holy Fire set-up I get +330%, +90% AR, +24-38 fire dmg, and a 4.1-6.4 pulse. On a rare weapon, the best mods I think I can get for use by lvl 11 would be Brutal (+41-50%), Fine (+21-40 AR, +21-30%), Silver (61-80 AR), Frost (1-4 cold, 5 seconds), Readiness (+10% IAS), and either min or max dmg. This would be the perfect rare weapon for Classic at that lvl right? Or Khalim's Will could be used, it's extremely fast, adds lightning dmg and AR, but has a low min and max. Uniques could be the Diggler (Just throwing ideas out), Crushflange, Stoutnail, Deathspade, Knell Striker, Blood Crescent, and Skewer of Krinitz. I'd probably go with Khalim's, even though it has very very low dmg, hardly noticiable in fact, it goes very fast, letting me get more hits in over time. Maybe this would average the dmg back out? It also has no requirements, so I could pump vitality. The swords would probably be the best fit, but they also have dex requirements, however small they may be. Blood Crescent even has Open Wounds and 15% life leech, which would help out with the 8% dmg taken.

Any help?

no you wouldnt, you would go with cleglaws shield, cleglaws sword, twitch, duskdeep, deaths hand/sash and angelic jewelry. its not the greatest and it would work better on a zealot, but it would do the trick.


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Not bad to include CS java. Never built one myself but seen a couple very effective. I repost here from another thread:

Lvl 30:

- IAS + skills spear (for 18 lvl 20 ias, but dmg is pathetic, for 26 lvl 30 ias +1, for 30 30 IAS +2 java (maybe mistaken here). Also need fast spear like throwing spear, war javelin or ama javelin. Ama javelins might also have + ama skills.
- twitch with perf ruby
- death belt + gloves + ck boots (or life belt (string at 29) and sigons boots + gloves). Thats for IAS. Otherwise 10 IAS + 2 java skills gloves (30 lvl), string and ck boots (sanders will do as well)
- angelics. Or for rich extremists, 2 sojs and +2 java skills + life/stats ammy (lvl 30). You wont need AR anyway.
- mask with 3 pr or peasants (28 lvl) instead of mask
- BSoD with elds or pts for resists. Or shaeled sigon.
- inventory full of life charms (preferably smalls with 15 life)

With skills - oriented equip you will have up to + 10 java skills at lvl 30, but 20 less IAS.

When you have +10 java skills, you start lvling charged strike (13 points by 30 lvl) and then add to its synergies (power strike, light bolt). 1 point into each dodging skills will be nice as well.

OK now at lvl 30 you should have 37 skill points not to bother with hell rush. 13 (23)into CS, 5 into dodging and prereqs, 19 into synergies (190 ED). That should be 7 bolts per hit 1100 dmg each. Guess who survives that?


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Another build I dont see here is telenecro. I hope the expert (Rah) will repost here the guide, but so far my thoughts on equip and skils:

lvl 29 (need at least 27 for nice merc dmg and then a couple of lvls for a couple of items):

- pesant crown with pr ( better then 3 pr mask: 15 frw and + skill at cost of 36 life)
- 35 12 mdr pr'ed viper (again, at cost of 2 prs nice resists and skill - possible to max resists in normal). In stash 3 pr breast plate for phys builds.
- string
- gravenspine wand. Thats the best wand because you wont need fcr and it has 20 stats (10 str, 10 dex). On switch is staff with charges of teleport
- bloodfists
- sanders boots
- angelics
- rhyme bone shield. Better than BSoD due to cbf , resists and speed. I also made rhyme in +3 bs head - spear is nice distraction, with viper you look like wannabe caster. Not for actual duel - low blocking.

- eth Honor partizan (lance will be better, but much harder to get)
- any 4 socket plate filled with 20 ED jewels, they work better than 15 max
- helm with 3 20 EDs and +5 str (needs str to equip weapon)
At 29 lvl my merc deals 6xx-12xx dmg. Merc is might, should be hired in NM

- eth Ariocs needle. Much better than any other version due to 50 DS and cheaper too (but not too cheap, pul is fair price I guess)

Skills (with setup we have + 4 skills)
- 1 AD
- 7 skellies
- 7 skelly mages ( that allows to have 5 of each type while using tele staff)
- 6 golem mastery (less mastery = less life, less life = fast death of golem and another trade for it)
- 1 IG and all prereqs to him, including Summon Resist
- 1 BA
- rest BW

In game 1st go to Stony/darkwood , find carver camp and stand in the middle. Thus you make the merc turn on the aura and get corpses for skellies. Thats for normal duels, in NM this will result in unnecessary levelling

On wand switch you should have AD as active skill (hot key for it), on staff switch - telepert, so that simple pressing w changes cursing setup for tele one.

- AD (you are nec ffs)
- jump
- pick up ear or go buy another Ariocs ~


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I'll add those to the library. Does anyone have a nice site where they want to see this hosted? Elly I think doesnt take me serious.


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so many builds left out...
assassin well this is more of a lvl 25 kicker but can be varied for a lvl 18 as well (expensive). Basically thing is a titan kicker, use pamethyst helm/armor use 2 20%ed jewels in shield (ed/strength work better), max dtalon, 1 pt into flight for 25, all points invested into strength other then max block, and all charms should be small sustenence charms. I estimate with 39 15's at 25 you'll have around 950 life no idea the exact dmg until I make a test one. Strength claws or crushflange for lvl 18. The lvl 25 variant will have around 230 strength (strength adds double % dmg for kick), so basically this is a high dmg version of the dtalon kicker (it is quite expensive with all the charms needed).
Pally, holyshock zealot: basically most lld won't have good resist. skills 4 pts into zeal max holy shock for your lvl (lvl 18 only has 1 pt into it), rest into lighting resist for the synergy bonus. Gear: twitch rubied, deaths, sig shield (-req'd for more life), pruby tarn, +3 holy shock scepted made into holythunder, cowkings/sanders, angelics, and then sustenence sc's. (this does less dmg then a jeweled zealot but it is a lot easier to get duels with it)

necro- never tried this or saw some1 doing it but it is possible (relatively low pvp dmg but could be great for pking) lvl 18 bone spear necro, skills 1 pt into bonespear, max bonewall 1 pt into armor rest pts into teeth. Find a +3 bonespirit shield/wand tarn helm rubied, angelic armor rubied for additional +1 skill if not stealth for pking/ruby for dueling, angelic ammy/ring hopefully you have a 20% fcr +3 bspear wand use a fcr ring with that you hit 1st break pt I think.

basher double swinger- same as baranor's except use bsod/sword on switch.

note on lvl 29 druid, goblin toes help the dmg out a lot even though you are slower, helps a lot vs barbs/druids.

fireballer/iceblaster at lvl 24. Basically at 24 you can get 20% fcr +1 skill and +3 to individual skill orbs (I've found a +3 fireball orb best so far). For the fireball max fireball/1 pt tele (optional)/1 pt warmth (optional), I used pruby tarn/angelic armor, angelic ammy/ring fcr/mana ring, magefists, bsod, cowking/sanders boots. Skills: for iceblaster, max iceblast 1 pt into blizzard (helps a lot) rest into that lvl 1 ice skill (1 pt cold armor helps a bit) tele and warmth optional. Charms combo of life/mana life is more important but mana keeps you shooting.

lightning is possible at 24 but I calculated it to be much less dmg.

low lvl maul druid notes: I prefer using HoW over maul skill reason: instant dmg vs a charge up, wolves help vs shielded non zealot/ts assns, 22 for goblin toes help a bit since crushing = 10% life off per hit (when cb goes off).

another build 24-29 the wake of fire trapper, basically traps don't do a whole lot at lower lvl but 5 of them can especially with fewer resists low lvl. 1 pt bos rest wake of fire/fireblast for synergy. Similar gear to sorc's as listed above. Bspear nec can be done as well higher lvl but for 29 updated gear helps a bunch.


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Alternate sacadin equip I'm planning to use:

- Clegs sword (9 max jewel)
- Eth Gothic plate (four 9 max jewels)
- Crown with same 9 maxes
- Targe\rondache 65 ED with four same jewels
- Clegs gloves (maybe bloodfists)
- Death belt
- AR/str/dex/max dmg jewellery ( best would be dual 80 AR, 2 str, 1 max rings with resists and 20 AR 5 str 5 dex ammy)
- 15 life large charms and charm with cold dmg (best will be in rare jewel in pair with 9 max)

All quests in all difficulties done (at least needs 10 skills). Think that worth it for a lvl 9. Then 9 in Sacrifice and 9 in Might
The pally should have 400 life and 740 listed max dmg with 50 % deadly strike


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I shall add this too.

*mental note*

add level 18 hammerdin pk-er to list
add level 17 impaler/pike zon to list.


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Basically, at 29, there are a LOT of casters we could add. Hammerdins are DEADLY when built well at level 29 (viper, 2x sojs, pcrown, rhyme, etc= lots of +skills=lots of hammer damage) Bone spear necro, its all the same caster stuff as was listed earlier, but lots of +skills are avaliable at level 29, so they make very nice duelers.
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