REport on the front line: My last Diablo 2 Character


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REport on the front line: My last Diablo 2 Character

My last Diablo 2 Character

I have just changed job and after the exam, I have a little bit of time in the evening. I plan to make a play my last D2 character before converting myself to Guild war in September.

I hope this character can complete the game solo and I have gave some thought into the character it is a variant of commando mancer.

I want it to have a Gothic Knight kind of feel.


Max Skelly
Max Mastery
Max Bone Wall
Max Magi
Max G.Mastery (last)

Str: enough for Gear
Dex Enough for max block
Vit: rest
Eng: none

So you might say it is a standard summoner. Yes so far it is but check out the gear

Gullium Face (um): Got the Gilliam face with 3 Pg on trade and waiting for the um.
Druess (sup Sharktooth Armor) : Got the Armour on pit run put the rune in.
IK Belt (still to get): currently got Ophancall’s belt duel leech 5,5
GoreRider(traded it with a lem or something): you see the trend it is for CB.
LavaGull(traded it with 2 pg): for the much needed AR.

HighLord(traded with some Pgems): +1 all skill and deadly strike.
Raven(traded with some Pgem): Cannot be frozen
ResistAll ring: for resist

Weapon set 1:
Passion phaseblade (trade phaseblade for pul!!) much need highlord to make 3 attack zeal.
Humo(Pdia) resist
Weapon set 2
Widowmaker(shealed). Traded in with 4 pg. Shealed to have 2 attack / sec.

Weapon switch:
Arm of Leoric (still to get)
IK mual (sheal amn) : this is a maybe, too much req on str.

Merc, act 1 fire merc, using Harmony, Gilliam Face and RattleCage.

As said I hope to have a theme of gothic knight, thus I need sharktooth armour. I hope this will have enough CB for passion’s Zeal to work.

AR will mostly depended on LavaGout.

I am in normal act 2 end at the moment and will update soon.


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dont really fancy act 2 merc go up to the front and keep dying.
act 1 merc seems a bit smarter


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Have you thought about an act 3 ice merc? Slows your target and does so from range.

I know your rogue merc casts that spell to lower target defense and make them easier to find, but I don't know how effective it truly is.

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goofycaca said:
I know your rogue merc casts that spell to lower target defense and make them easier to find, but I don't know how effective it truly is.
The Rogue can get up to level 31 Inner Sight without +skills. That would translate to a reduction of enemy defense of -1715.


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It's not hard to make Act 2 mercs nigh indestructable and not having a might merc will handicap skellie damage considerably.. Gloom is a pretty cheap runeword and gives 45 all res and great def (especially with eth armor), and +10 str for equipping a bonehew. Andy's Visage which is probably more like a Lem in value will give some leech, 25-35 more strength, +skills for his aura, IAS (if that matters for Mercs). And good ol' Bonehew which can be had for just a few pgems will give him decent damage and massive leech with a couple Amn runes.

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You might merc will rarely get hit with so many skeletons as targets. Infact, my problem with him is that he sometime just sit behind not doing anything, as mercs usually stay a distance away from you and may not see the monsters that you skeletons are already fighting.


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My merc has Guillaume's. He usually gets the first kill in Hell Cows before I start spamming CE, but he's right about skellies drawing attention away. I spaced in mid switchout and forgot to put armor back on my merc and went through a session of hell cows. I noticed he was getting hit more often but he didn't die.


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smashed Normal Duriel today. 8 skelly,1 mage, merc to start, 2 cast clay. stood around. duriel ddead, left 6 skelly and merc. not bad.