Rends, LoH or dracs?


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Rends, LoH or dracs?

Hi, my hardcore frenzy barb uses beast zerker, ebotdz, arreats, fort, soon gores, highlords, dungos or a +18 str dual res 10 fhr 48 life belt and dual ravens. His merc uses treachery + reapers + tals mask for decrep. I am stuck on the glove choice because i am at base str atm and i can equip all my gear when i put a +20 str ammy on, sanders boots and that +18 str rare belt with mods. When i switch it allows me to use my weapons and gives me their stat bonus. But, when i take off the rare belt to use verdungos i cant use rends. So, my questions are: which gloves should i use (LoH <ias, fire res, dmg to demons>, rends <ed, 10 cb, more dmg> or dracs <12 str, life after kill, open wound, lifetap but it over rides decrep>) and should i go base str and go thru the pain of glitching gear on every game or just be a man and put into str :D. Thanks in advance.


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Since you pvm and using the decrep from reapers im going to have to suggest going with LoH. That extra demon ed will really boost up your killing speed imo. As long as your getting good leech as is your not going to need the dracs, and rends...well rends imo are over rated. The ed is so small you will hardly notice it, ya it has cb, but not enough to warrent much of anything, and the str? ha, for the reqs to equip the damn thing the str is kinda a joke.

Also. Since your pvm, why would you not use the Guills helm man? All that CB/DS/Fhr/str/ with a possible open socket? It just beats arreats in to the ground for pvm. If you need leech, use a dual leech stat ring. But the Guills will do you wonders.

Good luck!

-BLoke :smug:


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Okay, thank you. I have considered guils, but for a barb its really hard to ignore arreats. +2 barb, +2 combat skilles, 40 stats, 20 or 30 all res fhr and an ed jewel in it makes it a pretty hat. Although it is arguable the mods on guiluames are very good, i am on hardcore so i need as much res and stats as possible. Because if i make a mistake, it could be my last :(


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Dracs are a safety device, and being HC frenzy char, could be prudent to wear most of the time.

On saying that, LoH is going to give very noticable damage improvement, specially after your merc casts Decrep on demons.

What your going to need (if you replace Dracs with LoH's) is more life leech, and you can do this with the following belts:

String of Ears: Adds 8% LL | 15% Phys DR, and not much else
Nosferatu's Coil: Adds 7% LL | 10% IAS | Slows Target 10% | 15 Str | 2 to mana

Nosf is a good compromise when loosing Dracs to LoH, but you get no damage reduction, which is now 2 safety devices lost (Lifetap and DR%), and that might be the clincher since yr on HC, and stick with Strings, or spend the points to wear Verdungos

If only a belt with a combo of these in one belt, it would be godly, something like:
15 Str
15% DR
8% LL
10% IAS
40 Vita

But hey, now we are dreaming...

Rends? I dont think so lol

GG have fun