Removing Greater Rifts


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Posted this on the PTR forums:

"Take this as an xpac idea as I don't see changes this major ever being implemented before then.

The idea behind Greater Rifts is fundamentally flawed. With infinitely scaling damage, eventually the only solution is perma CC as there will come a point where every hit is a one-shot even with mitigation. With infinitely scaling health the pressure is there to have items grant x10, x100, x1000 damage making all other content meaningless.

Three part suggestion:

(1) Eliminate GRs as they exist now.

(2) Scale all class skills and items so that TX level content is challenging.

(3) Add Challenge Rifts. Challenge Rifts would give less rewards than TX Rifts. Instead they would exist for competition, leaderboards, cosmetic rewards, and epeen.

Challenge rifts are like Greater Rifts now except scaling would be capped at a reasonable level--say GR50. The could be a wide variety of types of Challenge Rifts. Some examples:

-- a rift with all elites
-- a rift with all RGs
-- a rift with no elites
-- a rift with no CC at all
-- a rift with a long path where speed would be king
-- a rift with a huge open area and no walls where defense / kiting would be king
-- a rift where damage at a distance is reduced
-- a rift where up close damage is reduced
-- a rift where all mobs are vampiric
-- a rift where all mobs spawn zombie version of themselves when they die
-- a rift with nothing but summoner mobs

Each rift type would have its own leaderboards. One class/build might have slight time advantage on one rift type but not on all. Different weapons/builds would be encouraged. (In geom would rule on an all elite rift but be useless on a no elite rift.)

This is far more interesting that that next GR level where mobs hit for a % higher and have a % higher health. Players would be challenged to find the best gear/skill/class composition to get the best time in whatever crazy rift design Blizzard could think of next."​

but was curious what the community thought.
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I think this is a great idea. Grifts have become boring. They aren't different enough from Rifts to make it interesting.
I like & want challenges, but becoming pigeon-holed into one or two builds just to beat the timer is lame!


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Great idea. I have felt for a long time that there is no point in running Grifts. If i get a lucky gear drop granting me 2% more dps, that only means i can do Grift 42 instead of 41.

I think Timesink present some good examples of what these Challenge Rifts could contain, but the crazy possibilities are almost endless. They could even have "Challenge Rift of the week", where it's some special content/enemies just for that time period.

And, as stated, it would make room for more build variation depending on what kind of Challenge Rift you prefer

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I prefer bounties to rifting personally, the whole rift things seems undiablo to me. If I had to have rifts and choose how they worked it would just be a normal rift will unlimited levels and no silly guardians. Gems should be upgraded with the abundance of useless ingredients already in the game with insane gold requirements past level 25. I like gold, I hate not having a proper use for it. Even D2 with its flawed gold economy allowed you to gamble with the stuff which was actually better than D3 is now. I'll stop before this turns into a rant. :p


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Yep I hate the whole direction of the D3 where it is heading.. infinite scaling of numbers up and up. More items and sets that make old gear obsolete is also one of those things.

Doing GRIFT 20 with rare gear is pretty much the same as doing GRIFT 50 with ancient sets.. ofc set bonuses etc. make it different gameplay wise but difficulty wise it is no different i guess.

I am also little bit against of adding new Torment levels since it is essentially the same as scaling greater rifts up.. Instead of T7-10 there should be something like new Inferno difficulty after T6 which would be arond Grift 45-50.. some kind of ultimate difficulty which would reward something special if you can beat the challenges there.