Remembering The Past


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Greetings from Nevada (United States),

For a long time now, I have been an avid follower and supporter of the RPG franchise. I have spent a fair amount of money on games such as "Champions Of Norrath", "Bard's Tale", "Diablo", and a few others. Alongside these games, I have also put a fair amount of time and effort into games such as "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim", "Final Fantasy VII", "Kingdom Hearts", "Legend of Dragoon", "Chrono Trigger", and more. To add onto this list of time spent, I put many hours into games like "Dawn Of The Immortals (Android/MMO)", "World of Warcraft", "RIFT" and even "Runescape".

Now, I'm returning back to my roots of gaming, and decided to reload Diablo 2 and get it updated. Well, let's just cut to the chase here... has been a long time since I played, many of my former allies (friends) have moved on with their lives (getting married, having kids, etc.), but not me. Although my life has greatly changed from what it used to be, there is still a part of me which refuses to let go of who I used to be. Of course, nowadays I have a job, I have college to attend to, and I have people to look out for (no kids or anything, just people I'm helping).

But, I have managed to make time for myself on an almost daily basis. So, of course I have one thing in mind, starting over and finding new allies. So, if anyone is curious at all and wants to just relive a classic (that has been updated), I am all ears/eyes in finding people whom want to play on a private/home server of their own.

(My apologies if this seems strange, of course I want to earn your trust before we play online together)

I'm currently using Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction (Patch 1.14b). But anyways, if anyone is up for a fresh start on a new game (meaning, we all start at the same level and work as a TEAM), then I would be glad and honored to join in. I'm a bit rusty, so forgive me if I fail at a few things, but I'll do my best to keep up with everyone (or someone) else.

My time zone is Pacific Standard Time (UTC-08:00), which means it is 4:02PM when I finished posting this, I hope you can figure out our differences so I know when I should log on to join you. So, if anyone wants to do a TCP/IP Game, then feel free to contact me.

I would play online using BATTLE.NET or OPENBATTLE.NET, but for some reason, it just keeps saying my key is invalid or whatever. Although, this is the key I was given when I bought the disc ages ago, but whatever.
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