Remember your very first Diablo II character

What's your opinion on Diablo 3 having ancient story tomes?

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Remember your very first Diablo II character

There are 3 parts to this poll, so first you need to choose whether s/he was a server character or a character that was saved on your computer. Then you need to choose which type of character it was. These choices should be done on the actual poll. I realize that the Classic characters may get more votes since the other two didn't appear until the expansion. In other words, click twice in the poll--once for server/nonserver and once for character type.
Then please post and give details: name, skills, level stopped at (or if you are still playing the character), and whatever else you want, like why you chose her/him and the name, how you discovered the game, etc.

My first character was a Necromancer named Thrull. He was started in Classic many years ago when the game first came out on the Mac, but I upgraded him to an expansion character. He is currently dormant at level 31, and got stuck trying to kill Diablo, but I may play him again someday. His main points were in Bone Armor, Iron Maiden, and Clay Golem, and he carried a socketed crossbow and a socketed flail. I picked the Necromancer because I usually pick the spookier types first if given a choice in a new game. I picked a made-up name that I thought sounded spooky. I discovered Diablo II because I already played other Blizzard games like Warcraft and Diablo.



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My first character was a SinglePlayer Paladin (named ChosenOne, of all the cheesy things I could have called him). He ended his career 3 years ago at level 89, when I stopped playing the game. I have a backup of him, so I may choose to play him again, although he's very poorly built, so the chances are slim for any reason other than nostalgia :)


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my first char was a pally and poorly built wouldnt begin to describe him. Cant for the life of me remember his name. he was the first char I built and the last SP char till I moved totaly to SP recently. I do remember that the hammers were cool. Ironic since I now fairly hate hammerdins.


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Aridane the Amazon was my first character. I created her because Jude made me do it! :rolleyes:
I believe she used a bow and Magic Arrow, and I only played her a few times with Jude's Circe the Sorceress, with our two Macs using an Ethernet cable. I don't play very often, since I prefer Sims-type games and builders, but since it is one of Jude's favorite games, I will play sometimes, but it makes me nervous!

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A SP barb in 1.07 Classic. He was a typical mish-mash of combat skills (5 in Bash, 4 in Double Swing, etc.), as I didn't notice the other skill-tabs until I was something like level22 :tongue:. I eventually managed to beat Normal Diablo with him (I remember I had to shop for a weapon with Prevent Monster Heal, because he would regenerate faster than I could damage him - I must have died 50 times in that battle).

Once big-D was dead I thought the game was over - so I deleted him and started a new character. :laughing:

I believe I've learned a thing or two about D2 since then.

Edit: @Cat, I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one to make a similar mistake, although your error in judgement at least has some plausibility - I was just oblivious.


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My very first character was a 1.00 Classic Sorceress, but she didn't make it out of the Blood Moor before the various glitches sent me running to Blizzard's website looking for a patch. I found the 1.10 Mac OS X installer and started my real first character.

She was another classic sorceress who made it though to the Blood Raven quest in NM before my LOD disk arived in the mail and I started over with a new character. She was some sort of twisted tri-elementalist, using Fireball, Glacial Spike, Blizzard, and Nova.

She gambled a Norzakon Relic right before her fight with normal Diablo. (It was nice, but I was convinced that the +10% max resist was broken, since it didn't raise my current fire resist by 10%. :grin: I thought it would take my current resist, say 50%, take 10% of that (which would be 5 for this example) and add that onto my resists.

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My first character was in single player back in classic 1.00, and he was a paladin named Slash. I remember going with points in Holy Fire, Thorns, and maxing zeal, becase hitting a monster 20 times was freaking awesome!!1!!one!!

Needless to say, he never got out of Act 1 Nightmare before I gave up on him :wink3:
Great thread, Jude! With all the discussion of "taint" and such, it's nice to get a little nostalgic about our first exposure to a terrific game.

I was stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina; still playing Diablo I everynight when Diablo II hit shelves. I bought it that very day and started a Paladin. I was clueless about his skills, and I only picked him because he wasn't as big and brutish as the barbarian, yet not as wimpy as the sorceress. I don't remember his name and he didn't last long, since I soon discovered the joys of bowazons.


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My first character was a very poorly built 1.00 classic barbarian that I ended up editing to lvl 99 with a character editor. Beat the game, soon got bored with it, and deleted it, characters included. Then, after some time, I took the save I had prior to any edition, and started playing again from level 22 after I got the expansion and patched to 1.07. Things went well with a problem here and there, and I managed to get up till Act II nightmare, and that´s when I updated to 1.10, and found him sorely lacking. With the help of some items that a friend of mine lent me, I managed to beat nightmare, and soon realized that the character was far too badly built to manage anything, so, since at that point I discovered the players 8 command, I kept my first barbarian to MF some, and twinked the new barbarian I started from scratch, which is the one I´ve been using for all these years.


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Holy shock zealot! I went so far as to beat Normal on him, not realizing there was a point to going on to later difficulties (I thought that would start you at level 1 again, but with harder monsters). Then when I did learn that advancement continued, I shelved Slayer Raz in favor of something that wouldn't get as owned by immunes. (This was right after I discovered this site. The newcomer forum recommended a fishymancer, and sure enough he became my first patriarch.)


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Whooo boy. This is silly.

V1.03 Classic Single Player.
Barb. I had nooo idea that there was 3 trees to the skills, and so i put everything in bash and double swing. I didnt get past act 2 and I remember being very upset.


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Oh my first char was a doozy...
A Sacrifice/Might Paladin that made it to the end of Nightmare a long long long time ago... On SP btw.

He used Civerb's Cudgel for most of the time, I loved that +max damage/lvl.

Never make a sacrifice/might Paladin unless you want to drink alot of potions.


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Thanks, noobintraining! It's great to see some many people posting with such cool stories.

Howling Wind, are you going to give us more info about your character, including if it was or SP or whatever?
EDIT: ...and DeaconBlue and nebux! There are 18 votes for characters but only 15 votes for server or non/server character. Some of you don't follow the rules for the poll very well... :grin: :wave:



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I am similiar to some of the above.

I started a Barbarian named Shonsu back in classic a few weeks after the game was released - I cant remember if a patch had already occured by the time I bought the game. Suffice it to say that Shonsu was *cough* a work of art (rather than of science!!).... he would probably do better in 1.10+ due to synergies as I really didnt realise that you could save your points, so he had 4 or 5 in everything.

Shonsu still managed to beat normal - I would guess he probably died 50 times along the way... much later he found my first ever unique item.... Rattlecage from the sewers under Kurast and I assumed at the time that it made him a God among mortals.

It wasn't until about 1.07 that I started to get a grip of what was going on in the game... but lack of mule potential limited a lot of what could be done back then.

I have always played SP - I have never once played Bnet and never would, not even for the experience - I have played WoW and I can guess what Bnet is like! :)


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1.00 paladin named (aptly) MadMardigan. I picked the Pally because I liked the Warrior class in D1, and didn't like the Rogue or Sorcerer (so no 'Zon or Sorc for me!). The name was also the name of my favorite warrior I made in D1.

He had at least a point in everything (because hey, you gotta try everything!), but mostly in zeal and concentrate. I beat Big D at level 24 with something like a Fiery Long Sword of the Suck.

Since then, taking breaks now and then for other games, MM has been remade several times (like after they added damage to fanaticism!), and he's currently my highest level character (at 92). Still no mats/pats though! Though I think I'm pushing 50 characters by now.

So there you go.


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my first character was way back when in v1.00 and I bought the skill guide book to it thinking this would help i read alot of it and it did help out alot. So I made a paladin and put points in Zeal enough to hit 7 times and alot of points in thorns fun skill made myself quite a good char when i killed diablo for the first time frostburns dopped and the timer for the game to stop started so i picked them up and raced back to tyrael and cain to hear what they would say. Oh man this game certainly has lasted me a real long time that was back when it was first released


My first character was 1.07 all-skill-at-level-1 barbarian. since I don't know how to play yet so I put all point in all of the skill. And used gemmed bardiche all the way to nightmare.


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My first character was in about 1999 and pretty sure it was a barbarian where i chose axe mastery because in the character creation screen the barb wields an axe :rolleyes: he used double swing and cant remember what else.. he beat diablo yet im pretty sure i didnt take him into nightmare (or at least not very far as i cant remember playing him in NM)

i also remember playing a pally using thorns and zeal yet maybe that was a little bit later (i played on friends computers as i didnt own one back then)

when i did get it on my family computer and had net access i played on bnet for a short time (patch 1.09) creating a wirlwind polearm barb to be different called Burglecut and a orb/firewall/static sorc, i came across around then (2001 or early 02?) and made a few trades and began consulting the forums

2002 i became a dedicated SP player due to unreliable net access and the expiration of bnet characters, 'twas nearly the death of my HSC (final high school exams! hehe) i had an orb/firewall sorc and first began to get into MF'ing (i remember finding IK helm omg omg11!!:rolleyes:)

can remember doing my intro post for the SPF where you had to comment on buttering both pieces of bread in a sandwhich or something :laugh:

was overseas in 2003 so missed the big forum restart yet started playing again when 1.10 came out with "burglecut lives" (polearm wirler) and "Scorch" (meteorb) scorch was my first 'knowledgable' MF'er (ie. not so noobish, aware of drop rates, tc levels etc) both of these chars are with me today through a semi-restart in '04 (i came back from overseas and had backups of only these two characters for when i resumed playing)

so my current crop of characters and gear has been building up since '04 and being part of the grail project (made possible by ATMA!) has been my biggest motivation to always resume playing d2 even after loving other games

gotta love reminiscing :smiley:


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Nostalgia. My first character was a paladin, however, I started that on a friends machine and after level 6 he played it the rest of the way, i was annoyed about that.

The first character that I actually played properly was an amazon called Hoblit. Points in Multishot. Took her and killed Diablo on Normal. Don't think I even got her to level 30.

That was just after the game was released.


My first character was a Druid on expansion pack. I don't remember his name, because this was a few years back. He was a singleplayer character, and not a very good one at that. I remember I was level 30 when I finally finished act 2, I know I was 42+ when I finally killed Diablo, and I know I was around level 50 when I finally killed baal. My main attack was Fissure, and it was maxed as far as I remember. I placed my points around very weird, I wasn't aware of the synergies. He was deleted a long time ago, because he couldn't kill a single monster in nightmare. If I remember correctly his weapon throughout most of the game was Griswolds edge, he used 2xangelic rings, and i couldn't tell what the rest of the gear was :S

He was fun though ;)