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Remaking the Tele-Zerker

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by Rofle, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Rofle

    Rofle IncGamers Member

    Nov 1, 2007
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    Remaking the Tele-Zerker

    Hey everyone, Back from the end of last ladder season and trying to get back into the swing of things. Want to throw around my build/gear and get some feedback to see how things are in my head to make sure i've got everything straight still =)

    Helmet: Arreat's (Unsure on the socket, used to cham it and ditch the raven)
    Ammy: Highlords
    Armor: Mage Plate Enigma
    Belt: Arachnid Mesh
    Ring1: 20dex High AR Raven
    Ring2: 10% FCR rare ring with stats/life/ar
    Gloves: LoH
    Boots: War Travs
    Shield: SS (Unsure on socket, Probably an Um, resist are usually fine with an anni/torch though with Nat resist. Other options are an Eld or a Shael.)
    Weapon: Grief Phase Blade

    Weapon Switch : Hoto
    Shield Switch : 35% FCR Spirit

    The gear setup offers a good amount of +skills, DR, MF, faster r/w some extra damage and good resists between the LoH/Highlords/SS
    This also allows me to hit the 105% FCR breakpoint on weapon switch for teleporting around, which is my favorite thing to do. Since this character is going to be a boss runner / Key runner and a rusher, the quick teleport is near priceless
    And the debate between eld/Shael in the shield is Eld would save me some dex, but the shael would get me over the 42% breakpoint for 4 frame block

    Str: Shouldn't need anything here since mageplate is only 25str off of base STR for a barb, and enigma + anni + torch should set me past the needed STR for the SS.
    Dex: Enough for Max block (I like getting max block, but the shield socket affects how much dex, +7% from eld or 20% faster block rate)
    Vit: Everything Else
    Energy: Nothing here

    Skill Setup:
    Warcrys - 61 points
    Howl - 20
    Shout - 20
    BO - 20
    Battle Command - 1

    Masteries: 22
    Sword Mastery -20
    Iron skin - 1
    Natural Resist - 1

    Combat : 23
    Bash - 1
    Stun - 1
    Concentrate - 1
    Berserk - 20

    Has a total of 106 skill points till "finished" I usually decide to max synergies and do sword mastery last since it gets alot from the +skills i have and the benefit of the skill points from the high 20's is pretty low compared to the lower levels, Thoughts on this?

    Hope to get some feedback, hope i didn't leave anything too important out :yes:
  2. crawlingdeadman

    crawlingdeadman IncGamers Member

    Jun 7, 2005
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    Re: Remaking the Tele-Zerker

    looks good. it's pretty much what i used on one of my guys. i went with shael in the SS as i had good res and to me the eld wasnt saving enough to override the faster block.

    i always get War Cry too, it's really handy.

    i wouldnt get rid of the raven for a cham in your hat, raven is just too good.

    why not a second hoto?
  3. Rofle

    Rofle IncGamers Member

    Nov 1, 2007
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    Re: Remaking the Tele-Zerker

    Hey there CDM =) We used to play together last season and we compared barbs since we were pretty close, hehe

    War cry is kinda handy but I find I never really ended up using it, I always use howl and make things go away and run them down if I wanted to kill them. It also pushes back maxxing everything until the higher 90's, but I can always go for it after I get everything else figured out instead of WW - never use it either

    Yeah Raven is really good, I think the only reason I did that last season was I had a +12str/+15 dex AR resists rare ring and I needed the CBF, any ideas on the arreats socket?

    unless I can find some nice charms with FHR I might shael it too to hit the 48% BP How expensive / hard to find are warcry 12% FHR charms this time around?

    Thought about a second HOTO, pretty close to the same and +1 extra skills, I just have always used a shield. And I guess its a little cheaper, but 2x HOTO would theoretically work out well too. Not like im pushing max block with a spirit monarch anyways

    Thanks for the info =) if your still playing I'd like to try and chat with you sometime, still haven't seen many familiar faces yet.


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