Remaking certain builds, advice please.


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Remaking certain builds, advice please.

For fun, I'm going to remake a titan barb. Last time I built one of those was during the days of the magical ethereal Zod'ed, ED/IAS Jewel'ed War Pikes, which, if I recall correctly was pre-BotD. If I were to be doing an "optimal" titan, would a BotD GPA / Ghost Spear be the best choice nowadays? Or is the option of dual wielding BotD / Beast Zerker actually prove better for pure overall damage and kill rate?

What merc would be recommended? Might Act 2 merc with Pride Runeword for Concentration? Rogue Merc with Faith for Fanaticism? Rogue Merc with Wrath for Life Tap / Decrepify? Or perhaps a Barb Merc with Last Wish for Might and Life Tap?

Actually, on that note, would a titan Barb dual wielding swords, BotD / Last Wish prove to be anywhere close to a BotD two-hander, or a BotD/Beast axe user? Is Crushing Blow at all needed for Titan build? (I don't remember having any focus on CB on my last titan, but that was a LONG time ago, and I haven't been playing Barb at all).


On an unrelated note, last time I kept up with PvP barb at all, the conventional wisdom at the time seemed to be BotD / Beast dual wielding for most non - BvB fights (based off EvilBarber's PvP guide in the sticky). Is it at all possible to make a competitive sword Barb as opposed to axes? I realize the stats won't as perfect as the natural advantage axes have over swords, but is Beast simply far far superior than anything a sword can achieve, even with the ladder runewords?


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Assuming WW as the mainskill, The calculated base weapon speed + the additional ias (on weapon only) should be at -34 or greater to achieve the maximum hits per frame (single handed or duel weilding). For example, Last Wish even in a Phase Blade at -30 base won't acheive this.

2 handed weapons need even greater speed, and probably must be Botd with
60% ias to achieve max. Ghost Spear hits the last breakpoint at 59% for example, War Pike does not.

From what I can tell, Greifz + Beastz will provide the best combination of killing speed, and that combo of course is not available in sword.


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I have a ww barb that uses a botd warpike, and even though it doesnt hit the last framerate, it is still a very effective weapon. Though without a shield you may face some problems due to somewhat low life, especially if you dont have max dr or resists. On the flipside of that your damage will be spectacular, and *may* outweigh your vulnerabilities. Theres also the fact that the warpike is one of the coolest looking weapons in the game.

If this is for pvm though, you should have no problems at all really, just make sure you have atleast one point in berzerk(with one point in it +max shout it deals out some hefty damage)