Remaking a MF Bowazon...


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Remaking a MF Bowazon...

I would have just asked a simple query and posted to the mega-question thread, but since it's locked... :whistling:

Before my restart, my primary MFer was a Multi/GA 'Zon from 1.09 that ran the Pits. I'm now planning on how to rebuild her. I've played around with Strafe before, and I guess I'm partial to the shotgun effect from Multishot and strongly dislike Strafe-lock, so that's an easy choice.

The question now is what skill to use to back up the Multi. I think that, although the +%ED from GA is nice, it's not really that good of a skill. I suppose the only two backups would be MA or FA. ...Or, now that I think about it, maybe make a hybrid and go LF. Having never used MA, I'm somewhat skeptical of the damage (anyone want to prove its usefulness?). Both FA and LF seem more like crowd killers and not so useful on single targets.

Thoughts? Anyone else regularly use a Bowazon in the Pits that can share their experiences? Thanks, all!



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Re: Remaking a MF Bowazon...

I haven't built an Multi-zon since the old, old days of regular diablo. With Pits I just run Strafe because IMO it's easier and more effective to position yourself properly so that monsters are coming towards you.

With the Pits that's usually quite easy to do. I tend to use some form of tele for her and once i've positioned right my merc and valk are walking towards the monsters and engaging them while i'm strafing away, usually in the forward direction. With some Pits maps you don't even have to tele to reposition as you can almost just move foward and there will be nothing that gets behind you.

Once you get the playstyle right it's just a matter of heaping on the MF to your preference. Typically I run WF and a smattering of the usual MF gear.

- WF
- Shako
- War Travs
- sometimes I run skullders etc ... but for killing power I run Fort
- Gheeds, MF charms

I don't worry about getting too high in MF, this setup is ~ 180-200%MF which isn't great but ain't bad. I don't worry about trying to make the next breakpoint ... but I think I make a 9/3 with this setup. Sorry, i've been out of the bowa breakpoint loop.


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Re: Remaking a MF Bowazon...

I use a base vita WF Strafer with a strong decoy for the pits which I am considering re-equipping because the discovery of the strafe max 3 frame bp thing. I use 1 pt Freezing Arrow for corpse disposal and instant freeze of archers and carvers. I used strafe so I can use use Atmas for CTC Amp and KB on WF. With amp, pierce, a high AR and tightly packed monsters means fast killing using strafe and little IAS investment required. Her equip was orginally geared for 9/2 bp . AMp triggers regularly

Jewelers crown of the tiger with 3 low single res / IAS jewels
Skullders w/plain IAS jewel
War Travs
Gheeds got me 200 MF
WF w/sheal

I don't own a Forti but it is not necessary but very helpful if you have one. Decent speed on /p7

I also tried a 3 piece Tasha-Rasha and rare bow setup which got about 250 MF but /p5 would be the highest setting I would use for speed /p3 is better.

MS seems works better with more IAS and off weapon ED. I have used it a little but I prefer strafe with the amping effects.

I like running the pits for socketables as well as MF hence the higher players setting

I tend to use FRW instead of tele on her. Tele is useful if with have a poor map and require to backtrack a lot but the casting breakpoints are slow for the amazon I find it dangerous to use a casting type skill in battle.