Remaining skill points


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Remaining skill points


My trapsin soon hits lvl 90 and has 19 skill points left to distribute.

I'm really clueless whether i should go [claw+spirit shield] or [dualclaw] since both have advantages/disadvantages.

The skill point distribution, as well as stat distribution (140 left) will of course depend on this choice.

So, please help me decide by suggest wheter I should go [dualclaw] or [claw+shield], and what skill points I should place. Please motivate.

I'm playing hardcore and therefore puts survival ahead of effectiveness.
This trapsin will be used for PVM MF-hunting as well as boss hunting (after some change of gear).

My current skill tree:

Fire Blast: 1
Shock Web: 20
Charged Bolt Sentry: 20
Lightning Sentry: 20
Death Sentry: 20

Thanks in advance


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Anyone? :\

I also wanna know what maximum block % you can get with Weapon Block skill (capped at 57?)


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I was asking the same question about the chance to block... no reply. As a Trapsin, you can use Shadow Warrior, maybe, to have twice more traps. And if Shield / Claw or Dual Claw depends on the gear you have. Let´s say if you have 2 Bartuc, then go Dual Claw.


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Shadow warrior does not add to total traps - 5 is it - if you throw 5, and your shadow throws 1 -- 1 of your disappears... Still good decoy and safety is key for Hc.

Extra points, hardcore....

Hows your resistances? Fade always handy.

I thought weap/shield was way to go till reading benefits of dual claw.

To get any type of block on a spirit shield (in a monarch i assume) you will have to invest alot in dex -- which takes from life -- with a few points in weapon block (assuming you have some other +skill gear) you can get to 50+% block very cheap.

The other huge benefit from dual claw is the mods possible on them -- you can get up to +6 to your traps on them !! (+3 trap mod with +3 lightning sentry on same claw) - potential there for +12 to lightning sentry dual claw-- at 400 damage per skill point - that can be real nice. Best part is they are shoppable from anya in hell -- not easy to get, but not to hard to at least get +3 trap/ls on each claw with other cool mods (fade, weapon block, mindblast, dragonflight) to help you.

Mind blast is very handy -- stuns or converts monsters -- another very nice safety thing for hc

speading your remaining points around a bit wont hurt -- alot of the shadow disciplines are 1 or low point wonders -- with some othe +skill gear.

Fade can get you 30+ all res -- weapon block can be in the 50's without maxing --- mindblast is a 1 point wonder


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Thanks for some replies.

I understand that you get a lot more trap dmg by using dual claw, but using it (i.e +3/+3 claws) makes you miss a lot of other nice modifiers, right? (i.e stuff on bartucs/spirit-shield)

Maybe have a weapon swith? dualclaw on one, "safety" (when teleporting) on other.. more help appreciated!


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This makes me think a lil bit... Maybe if you can get Call to Arms, or as u said
for teleporting the Nai´s Staff... Or just Enigma, so u can get Call to Arms +
Lidless wall on switch for higher life. But these are very expensive. Mercenary
with some Aura items on is always a help.

And how are u killing lght immunes? With Death Sentry?

As the most safety item i have is Delirium. Mindblast when struck and
Confuse + Terror on Striking keep monsters away. Either you, shadow can
cast Mind Blast + the chance when struck. :thumbsup: (my merc has also a Delirium)