Relinquisher (Berserk) shield question


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Relinquisher (Berserk) shield question

I've been mulling this over in my head, trying to figure out which would be better opposite Passion: Phoenix or Spirit. Obviously, Phoenix is ideal in an offensive high-end auric (vortex, zakarum, kurast in that order), while Spirit is better giving the blocking while still offering up to 65%ED and 120AR. The question really comes down to the additional 350-400% off-weapon versus the +2 skills and which benefits Berserk the most.

If it's even close I suppose the cost would be the determining factor, however I have another question concerning Defense Against Missile. Phoenix is the ideal luxury item for a Relinquisher, but do defense bonuses like DAM, which - I been told - apply after the defense penalty (therefore giving defense where none normally would be), get enhanced by Defiance, Shout, Armor blessings and other things, or is it simply tacked-on at the end?