(Release) Treeharls d2 variant 1.00.


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Greetings all,

I would like to share my attempt of creating a d2 variant where I tried to make 70% of the elite itembase usefull. I have rebalanced nearly all items to fit in the current meta without changing concepts. The game plays like a mix between 1.06 and 1.13, rares are actually important now! Sets welcome you through any stage of the game as they have an increased droprate.

Main feutures:
- Rebalanced nearly all items without changing their concept in most occasions
- Dramatically reduced the amount of prefixes and suffixes on rares and giving them several new prefixes and affixes. My advise, pickup every rare you see.
- Buffed several area's and area levels, Now you can actually run more area's instead of less!
- Set items got an overhaul, they are available in early stages of each difficulty, but have their stats ajusted. They also have a way lower level requirement. (Same droprate and mechanism as diablo 1.06)
- Rebalanced droprates of chests and superuniques.
- Added trophy runes (rare to extreme rare runes, gl finding them) They don't have any use however, but can be used as qualifiers for tournaments etc.


General rules:

- You must own diablo 2 + lod yourself. That means no piracy in here, I don't support any form of piracy!
- Any mod that is banned from vanilla is also banned from my variant. Don't ask questions about if x or y is allowed but send a pm to @Thyiad.
- You are not allowed to sell my product for money or pretend as your own. Blizzard owns the right and copyright of this game!
- Don't talk about private realms here. Lan is fully allowed however.

Specefic rules:

- If your vanilla character gains any experience points or any item in my variant that means the character isn't vanilla anymore. That means accidently opening your vanilla character doesn't change anything, if that happens however read FAQ and DON"T close the game before you have read the faq!
- You are allowed to create separate threads including lets plays from my d2 variant on the forums here and posting screenshots in the itemfind thread. If you do so please add a disclaimer, for example (Disclaimer: Screenshot from Treeharls D2 Variant)!
- Don't abuse bugs or infinite money clauses.

Variant timetraveling rules:
- You CAN"T timetravel runewords with changed runeorders. Doing so result in deletation of that item and it can't be restored!
- You are NOT allowed to timetravel exeptional and elite sets from vanilla to my variant. Normal sets is no problem however.
- You are allowed to timetravel runes, gems, rares, itembases and all unnerfed (not red in documentation) uniques.
- Any item forwarded counts as item in this variant and isn't vanilla anymore.

This one will be a bit rough, there is the modified dll plugin. If you're able to host two diablo's on one pc there is no problem at all. I don't know if Gomule or ATMA work but at this point it SEEMS VERY LIKELY it will crash upon muling altered runeorders and trophy runes. If you're experimenting with gomule and atma, be sure to backup your character!
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Please post them in this thread! Examples of bugs:
- D2 crashes due to any reason. (If you're crashing going from act 4 to 5 report immediatly)
- Items don't have the stats listed in the documentation or a selected runeword doesn't work at all.
- Infinite money clauses.
- Finding elite setitems in normal or nm (exept bosspacks from lvl 63 area's)


- Please post if a certain build is unusable because x or y. I will try making a hotfix on 1.01.

Main nerfs. This "fixes" the broken items. They still have a niche however but aren't to be overused anymore. Also see the included documentation!
- CTA removed oskill bo (added 30% max life and 200 hp and 1 extra allskill)
- Grief, completely removed ias and added -25 allresist
- Infinity, removed aura when equiped and changed it to an oskill

Okay now lets move to the actual important part, the instalation:

Step 1. Backup all your vanilla characters!
Step 2. Backup your patch_d2.mpq you can find this file in the mainfolder.
Step 3 Download my variant from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/thzwnnzofltsbh3/Treeharls d2variant.zip?dl=0
Step 4: Put the patch_d2.mpq into your main folder. Create a subfolder for your new TV (Treeharls Variant) characters and your vanilla characters.
Step 5: Start the game. At the bottom of the screen there should be written "Treeharls d2 variant".

What patch should I use for your variant?
1.13c is the best as I developped the patch on that platform. I do think 1.14 works aswell but I haven't tested that fully. I guess 1.12 works aswell.

What should I do if I accidently entered a game with my single player character?
Don't pannic! Just press ctrl alt delete and end the process. Your character stays vanilla if you do so. If that doesn't work go to your savefile and try to create a backup, do not exit at this point. Do not ever EVER EVER press alt F4 or save and exit game as your cta and infinity will be most likely gone indefiniatly at that time...

I don't like x being nerfed of y isn't viable. Why is that done?
Please post it in this thread as I will most likely patch the issue.

Did you get mod aproval for this variant? Am I allowed to play this?
Yes and yes.
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Known Bugs

Tal Amu, Telling of Beads and Angelic's amu aren't in the setbonus. Andariel hell has a 2% additional dropchance for these amu's.
Some magic prefixes and suffixes are written with (). This will be fixed in 1.01

Known Annoyances

Items to gamble on have been heavely reduced to prevent infinite money clauses. You can still gamble on the most important items (rings, amu's and circlets)

The new strings take time to get used to. Do click on the icons of Hp and Mp potions to pick them up. If you are quickly running in hell, just shift buy them from vendors!

Things that will be included in 1.01
- Remove ctc glacial spike from Death runeword
- Fixed the strings that cause magic prefixes and suffixes with ()
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Agreed. I'm quite sure I won't be playing it, but appreciate the effort and time you put into it.


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Thanks, both of you!

Still I would like to say while I released 1.00 the project is not entirely over. I wanted to release a first stable version, before I had other mathers at hand. 1.01 will likely a bugfixing release as I know if people are playing this several bugs get confirmed. 1.02 would fix the remaining inbalances, but that is not planned atm. First of all to everybody who is playing, I'll say enjoy playing and for who isn't I say enjoy Vanilla (but you might checkout my variant if you get bored :)).


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My sorceress took a quick trip to the tower and ran it a few times for Tir, Ral, Eth, Tal. Findings so far:
* lots of monsters. I like that. I really liked the MS quill rat I found in the blood moor. The boss packs are neat.
* items are powerful, right out of the gate. I found a few rares that were high on resists (20-30), and a stack of rare throwing knives that I also decided to walk around with because extra resists..
* early game gambling is hobbled. I like buying a big 'belt' around 7-9 because sashes are terrible. Maybe one of Charsi/Gheed could sell them on occasion?
* not a fan of nearly-invisible stam potions. Those are a nice bonus in A1, and less so throughout the game. I'm sure there's a better way to cull them from the loot table than empty strings.
* why do keys have golden text?
* why not shorten the Hpot and Mpot strings?

Thanks for sharing. I'll write and play more later on.


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@MYK Thanks for your input! To answer some of your questions:

Early game gambling is hombled indeed because of an infinite money clause. I had to remove it nearly entirely because every javelin you gambled would sell for 5K. Unfortuniatly the whole gambling process is dll code editing. If I could have edited fixed prices I would have done that. The same applies with all caps boots etc. It was such a big mess I could only remove it entirely.

About the invisable stamina and health potions: I ususally always buy them expecially late game. I also hover with my mouse on the icons when I see them drop. It takes me 2 seconds to aim for the icons instead of the string name. The problem with any d2 game is the regular potions which are awesome to pickup in normal and horrid in hell. Since 95% of our grinding is in hell I decided to make them invisable. If you shorten the names you will still miss a lot of items, expecially from LK. I could change it, if you want?

The keys are golden for no reason at all to be honest. In an older project from which this project came from, you wheren't able to buy keys so I made them easy reconisable. But it has no use. I think I will remove the golden color on 1.01.
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How about the invisable potions and junk drops? Should it be changed to for example "h4" or should it be kept as it is right now?

Also: I confirmed Lower Kurast beastary isn't behaving anywhere near I would have hoped. I was aiming for a 20-25% nerf in hell and at this time it is a 70-80% nerf. 4 souls in a pack and groups of 20 stygian dolls is currently devastating LK! I will reduce the monster density there and add some new monsters so souls won't be appearing every two runs you make. Unfortuniatly this forces me to make a hotfix this weekend. Patching 1.00 to 1.01 won't affect any savefiles anyway so stay tuned! I will also adress the string issues in that version.

Edit: Currently testing a new lower kurast configuration.
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Announcement: Patch 1.01 will be released on sunday.

Reason: Hotfix because lower kurast isn't working as intended.

Let me know if there are more bugs or things that you dislike so I can fix them!

After Sunday I have roughly 15% of the time ailable as I have now, so don't expect another patch in a month (unless it is a hotfix aigain, because of a major bug)!


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@Treeharl - I installed this variant on a brand new install of 1.13c patched system and all I get when I launch the game is a black screen with an oversized white arrow cursor. The cursor only shows up in the middle of the screen and the black area and cursor disappear after 10-15 seconds and game closes back to the desktop. I deleted your variant and replaced my original patch_d2.mpq file and the game launches as normal. Is there something wrong with your 1.01 patch_d2.mpq?
My system is running Win7 x64.


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@Treeharl Yeah, I got it to work this time I downloaded it! Pretty fun so far with all the surprising drops and pops, like Milabrega's armor with only 70 strength required from a normal Blood Moor boss.:eek: Thanks for putting all the effort into creating this variant.:)
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