reinstalling the game after ... 2 years of inactivity?!? i


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reinstalling the game after ... 2 years of inactivity?!?

Hello all
I am an old D2 player. I played D2LOL for years before going to WoW...
then eventually left WoW, and started playing EVE-Online.
How is D2 atm?
Still "active"?! damn it's pretty impressive, such an old game but still played :shocked:
I guess we can forget forever patches and such, but do the developpers/Blizzard/ plans to keep it online forever? or have you heard something about disabling
I hope not. Just a candid question.
Thank you very much in advance for your replies.


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year it's still active, and maybe it will be a new patch, for blizzard asked for ideas for the new patch on the bnet forum.

btw welcome


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I played D1 last week - It suked : but o well

BTW : BN does plan for a Re-institute of its servers and game support - so We may perhaps see a NEW game come out soon (D3...doubt it)


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I've been away for 4 years and just recently came back. Just as fun and addicting as before.

Welcome back