Regina the amazon queen - PvP bowazon


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Truth (Guided arrow) is the best arrow and courage (Faith) the finest bow.

Regina is PvP bowazon with Javelin/Shield switch where she has max block and 35% DR. Standard for any bowazon really. Basic idea of this thread is to present you the way how to make very effective PvP bowazon with focus on life rather than damage output. Advantage is huge survivability and cheaper equipment overall, and downside is not having mad damage like expensive bowazons with 120 ed% 45 ias 30 frw circlet.

She had several names in the past. First bowazon was named Thaisa, then after some time I respeced her to Fuzzydodger and named her Hairyzon. Then respeced her back to bowazon while retaining the same name. In the end, I picked up name Regina because I like the name very much, and also "regina" means "queen" on Latin.

Character name: Regina
Class: Amazon
Level: 94
Build: Bowazon
Power Level: It's over 3000

Stat Points:
Strength: 55 (133 with Titan's Revenge)
Dexterity: 129 (211 with Titan's, aka maxblock)
Vitality: rest
Energy: base, not important

Guided Arrow 20
Multishot 10 (16 arrows in the end)
Strafe 1
Jab 1
Lightning Fury 1
Critical Strike 20
Pierce 1
Valkyrie 1
Dodge 13 (54% on javelin switch)
Avoid 14 (63% on bow switch)
Evade 14 (54% on bow switch)

Stat Points are invested in a way to have Strength invested to carry gear, Dexterity to get max block with Stormshield and rest Vitality for maximum life possible. Skillpoints are straightforward and no explaining is needed here. Multishot is level 15 aka firing 16 arrows at once. Here I like 15+ arrows since they fill screen nicely, and I use multishot rather frequently in PvP.


This kind of bowazon is a bit cheaper than its OPcirclet companion (to be clear though, my gear is high end and not cheap at all) and can focus more on life and survivability, but has less damage overall and has bigger FRW problems. I have few switches for bowazon depending on opponents and situation on the playing field. It is mostly about switching belt though, not anything else. Regina has possibility to stack lightning resistance, to achieve 50% dr, to get extra 40% frw via belt, has maxed resistances with lightning being 80%, and has 15% OW in standard setup which doesn't mean much (could reach 25% with Gore Riders boots if I want to).

Standard setup:

Life: 3199
Mana: 282
Critical Strike: 69%
Guided Arrow: 1006-4218 (~720 PvP dmg including fire dmg from Faith)
Multishot: 16 arrows
Multishot AR: 5800
FRW: 125 (155 with Titan's)

Helm: [email protected] Kira's Guardian with 15 ias 29% ed jewel
Body: 30 @ Fortitude
Amulet: Cat's Eye
Weapon: Faith Matriarchal Bow
Superior Matriarchal Bow
Two Hand Damage: ** - 207
Durability: 36 of 48
Required Level: 65
Required Strength: 87
Required Dexterity: 187
Fingerprint: 0xa7c853ca
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Level 14 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped
+1 to All Skills
+3 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
341% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
300% Bonus to Attack Rating
+2 to Attack Rating
+75% Damage to Undead
+50 to Attack Rating against Undead
Adds 120 - 120 Fire Damage
All Resistances +15
10% Reanimate as: Returned
75% Extra Gold from Monsters
Belt: 121 life 15 OW standard crafted belt
Rune Cord
Mithril Coil
Defense: 63
Durability: 10 of 16
Required Level: 78
Required Strength: 106
Fingerprint: 0x39cfee0
Item Level: 65
Version: Expansion
4% Life stolen per hit
15% Chance of Open Wounds
+14 to Strength
+121 to Life
Lightning Resist +28%
Poison Resist +8%
Gloves: Crafted 20 IAS KB 11 Strength 10 Dexterity 27% LR
Death Finger
Chain Gloves
Defense: 8
Durability: 13 of 16
Required Level: 73
Required Strength: 25
Fingerprint: 0xb60d51af
Item Level: 98
Version: Expansion 1.10+
5% Chance to cast level 4 Frost Nova when struck
+20% Increased Attack Speed
+11 to Strength
+10 to Dexterity
Lightning Resist +27%
Attacker Takes Damage of 4
Boots: Aldur's with 50% FR
Rings: 1.13 self crafted rings (my preciouses!)
Eagle Grip
Required Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x31d4b4e8
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
6% Life stolen per hit
+25 to Strength
+9 to Dexterity
+20 to Life
All Resistances +9

Bone Gyre
Required Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x799409e2
Item Level: 92
Version: Expansion 1.10+
1% Life stolen per hit
+22 to Strength
+14 to Dexterity
+19 to Life
All Resistances +5
Fire Resist +7%
Switch: Eth Titan's Revenge, Stormshield with req jewel
Storm Eye
Required Level: 28
Fingerprint: 0x1f17f9e5
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
17% Enhanced Damage
+59 to Attack Rating
+8 to Dexterity
Requirements -15%

GCs: 7FRW/19max, 7/18, 7/17, 7/10/54, 33max, 35max
LCs: 11max/32life, 10/34, 10/32
SCs: 3FRW/4max, 3/5, 3/5, 3/20/3, 3/16/3, 3/16/3, 3/[email protected], 3/11LR, 3/11LR, 6max/13life, 5max/18life, 3/13/20
+ Cube with arrows and CtA

Total max dmg in inventory: 132

Gear in stash:
15%/38/12 Verdungo, 1.07 Mav. Tenet, crafted 40 FRW boots for stack, Gore Riders, Lidless Wall (Um), Eth Titan's
Grand charms: 13max/35LR, 14max/33 LR
Small charms: 3FRW/11PR, 3/11, 3/11, 6max/12PR, 6max/11PR, 3FRW/[email protected], 4max/8FR
Bone Greaves
Light Plated Boots
Defense: 9
Durability: 10 of 18
Required Level: 65
Required Strength: 50
Fingerprint: 0x34d8ae2e
Item Level: 65
Version: Expansion
+40% Faster Run/Walk
2% Life stolen per hit
+11 to Life
Replenish Life +6
Lightning Resist +32%
Fire Resist +37%
Poison Resist +6%

Standard equipment covers all the basics I need for bowazon: Faith bow, 55 IAS (45 needed for 7 fpa with 14 fanat MB, but 55 is needed for Titan's Revenge on switch). I could use 15 ias in Shield to get to 55, but I've decided to go better route instead.

125 FRW with bow is nice value to aim to. Why? Check Basin Wiki for FRW breakpoints. With 125 on bow, I have 155 on Javelin. Both are breakpoints for FRW. If I go 128 for bow, I have 158 on javelin which is the same as having 155 since breakpoint is at 159. You could aim for more ofc, but 125 is enough to have. There is also Mavina's Tenet belt with 40% extra FRW. That means bow would have 165 FRW, and javelin 195 FRW. With Mavina's it would be more profitable to aim for 128 FRW since with 168 and 198 you hit higher breakpoints, but I don't use Mavina's really. At least I don't know when to use it. I really find 125/155 enough for anything.

This also means that if I plan on using Gore Rider's, I lose 10 FRW from boots which puts me on 115/145 FRW, but I don't really plan on using Gore Rider's. In case I do, I have extra 3 FRW in stash to get to higher FRW breakpoint (if I remember it while switching lol) and I could throw in extra FRW GC to return 10 FRW lost, but I don't really see the point apart from getting 25% OW option for lulz. But I still lose life which I don't like at all.

Stash gear is used mostly for stacking purposes. With standard belt + crafted boots + one grand charm I have pretty decent LR stack. In stash I also carry my poison resist for when I need it. In standard setup I don't have maxed poison resist since I don't need it most of the time. In case I do, I pay short visit to stash. Voila.

Um'd Lidless Wall is used when I have CtA on switch and when I don't need javelin there (against sorcs, trappers and such). I get 22 allres and extra skill from the shield. Nice, right?

Gear switching is tricky. When I use crafted boots instead of Aldur's, I lose 13 FR I must make up by switching in 3 frw [email protected] SC instead of 3 frw 11LR and switching in 4 max 9 FR instead of one max/life SC. But that is only trick I must pay attention to, along with potential FRW lose which is easier to track.

DR setup:
Means replacing crafted belt with Verdungo to have 50%DR on Shield switch. Everything else is the same.

50% DR + maxres setup:
Means using Verdungo and poison resist charms at the same time. Here I replace few frw/max dmg charms and one dmg/life large charm to get poison resistance. Result is slightly lower damage and life.

Guided Arrow: 1006-4148 (~711 PvP dmg including fire dmg from Faith)

Other potential gear uses

I guess when I don't need Stormshield nor block, I can easily use Wisp Projector or Nature's Peace to both get Oak and absorb. But personally I don't bother with that. If I can't beat something with this bowazon apart from Chargers and 0 ping barbs, then that simply means I have to play better. Putting on absorb on top of this kind of HP is OP. What is Trapper supposed to do, or some lightning sorc? Oak is potentially useful against hammerdin who will aim foh to hit the creep, while you will have small opening to aim at him. But that is rather lowish potential I'd say.

Some absorb boots, but same logic applies here: if I REALLY need absorb with this kind of HP, then I must learn to play better.

Damage vs Life discussion

I think few words about this is worth to say. In the past bowazons were glass cannons: all in damage, nothing in life, or little in life. I started with 1k hp life bowazon with 1k dmg too. With time I performed more testings in PvP on importance of life and on damage. I had bowa with as low as 300 PvP damage and as high as 4k life (1.07 Ark).

I don't have generally best answer, it all depends on playing style and preferences of other players. I like high life variant of bowazon more because bowazon is character who is among top tier when it comes to potential of dealing tons of damage in small amount of time. On top of that, bowazon has d/a/e which means bowazon with 100 life still must be hit twice at average to die. And on the other side, one wrong teleport could mean bowazon will do thousands of damage. That's why I generally think best balance is to go for as high life as possible while having decent damage instead of going full damage and having lower life (depends on the ratio).

Someone could be wondering: isn't 700 PvP damage too low? Especially because before bowas had 1k as standard. My answer is: with 700 damage you can kill anything, and plenty of things with ease. Some characters will go harder, but you have higher life to give you longer survivability to dish out more damage. In the end, I think high life bowa has higher damage potential than high damage and lower life bowa (depends on the ratio really). If there is some crazy bowazon as Penthesilea aka Nuliobowa who has probably around 2500 life and 1.2k damage, then that bowa is scary OP in comparison to this of mine. But if I would go damage variant of bowa with my equipment instead of life variant, I would have weaker bowa. I did calculations and compared two bowas to conclude that Life > Damage for me. Some might disagree and that is fine.

In the end, every player must decide for himself what to focus with bowa on: does he want more damage or more life. Choice is especially hard if you have that 45 ias 1xy% ED 30 frw circlet. I've done some calculations with it and saw I could built stronger bowa with that... but barely stronger. Not even stronger enough to be called stronger. Problem is, with such circlet you desperately lack resistances and I think such circlet is not poor gear friendly thing, while Kira's is. Kira's is not easy to beat one way or another, unless you really have incredibly strong charms, and I know only two guys who do. I don't have.

Having high damage variant has its advantages as well. Those bowas survive by killing opponents faster and stopping them from doing damage that way. Multishot is especially strong to spam, they have easier time getting rid of minions and such for sure.

Gear choices

Ok, one gear choice I covered, but I think most players can simply use Kira's Guardian and voila. Awesome helm. Absorb rings and boots are also switch option to have.

Boots... well here comes the trouble. Standard bowazon setup includes either War Travelers or Gore Rider's. Personally, I don't like Gore Rider's and consider them easily inferior to Aldur's. Resistances and life + 10 extra FRW > little extra damage Gore Rider's offer. War Travelers are ok, but still I like to hit 125 FRW, and replacing Aldur's with War Travelers mean that I don't go for 125 FRW or must literally have full inventory of FRW. Naturally FRW is easy to come by with 30 FRW circlet, but then resistances are much much harder to get, so I again think Aldur's win in that department. But War Travelers are surely great boots if you can afford them, or if your damage is really lacking. I'm still not convinced War Travelers would really win, but that must decide every player for himself.

Gloves... here you aim either for IAS mass stats + resists like I did, or 2 passive skills + IAS + resists/stats. I did calculation and confirmed that my kind of gloves are better, but everything is near and can be used easily.

1.08 HLW is really nice amulet to have, but lacks IAS... if you don't need IAS, go for it. If you do, Cat's Eye for the president in general. 1.13 HLW lacks FRW, but does offer damage and some resistances...


Bowa is really to my liking now. Mass life, solid damage and possible stack. All I really need. I could seek upgrades on charms, and I hope to get upgrade on rings. Actually rings are so strong I can barely hope to get something better. Life/Dex/Str ring with high rolls is ring you will see once in lifetime, or none. Incredibly hard to craft, but one can only hope. Also to beat Kira's, I need once in lifetime circlet with 2 sockets, resists, FRW and stats. Good luck, yay. Apart of that, I don't know what else to improve other than change bowazon priorities.

Future plans

To get gear improvement by a little I guess. To find that miraculous rings and circlet. Also to level up bowazon. Now I use 8 dex jewel in Stormshield, but only 4 is used for max block. That will net me more life as I level up. Why? Because I need 187 dexterity to carry bow, and for max block I need 211. With Titan's that is 207. So only 4 is used for blocking. On higher level more dex will be used for blocking and I will profit more life from socketed jewel /griplogic.

Here is bowazon video I recorded before with weaker gear. It will serve the purpose for demonstration though.

Thank you for reading. Please don't troll etc. (I know you will)
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Great read - ive only ever had a chance to play a max dex bowa. Hope to see her in some pvp action.


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One thing that shouldn't be understated grip - your bowa has really high end gear despite it being *a bit cheaper than its OPcirclet companion*. It's really only a bit. It can't be taken as some kind of cheap setup especially looking at your rings gloves etc. I can hardly see any difference between wealth invested in our bowazons. Nulio is entirely different beast.

It's interesting that you can trade 50% dmg for 50% life on higher end of spectrum for bowie, and really there isn't clear cut between better setups. I'd say they would perform about equally in random ffa matches and dmg variant slightly better in team matches, but there isn't better or worse setup (there is only nuliosetup and rest :p).

Nice and fresh take on getting bowazon priorities however. Hopefully people will learn how to set up their bowie properly using Kira's and Matri bow. It certainly look like most affordable setup on budget. Yours is just taken to extreme.

gj nub


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I didn't say my gear is cheap, I just said this type of bowa is in general cheaper to make, that's all. I am aware my gear is high end and that is true (I edited that into one sentence to not be misunderstood). What I wanted to say is people could aim for this kind of bowa, having really cheap equipment in comparison to mine, and still have decent bowazons. Maybe they wont get 3k life and 720 damage, but 650 damage and 2.2k+ life should be doable I'd say, and that is already in range of getting solid bowazon overall. On top of that, they could use absorb rings and boots to have comparable effective life with my non-sorbing bowa in some matchups.
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That is a very nice bowazon sir. Indeed shiny precious rings, but also gloves etc.

I am leveling a max damage bowazon atm with windforce, she just got to hell, level 83 with windforce, 0 points in vitality, strenght only for gear and al the other points in dexterity and my guided arrow damage is only 243-3549. Cocnlusion being, I am jealous of your character :).


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Easily strongest character on SPF hands down. When will you open thread about her etc.
I don't know if it's good idea :p

Anyway I shouldn't have traded those gloves, belt and charms to you. Great bowie there indeed! I enjoyed the video too.

I agree that having less than ~2000 life just to have higher damage makes low sense. For her to be fun she needs to be able to survive at least some enemy incursions.

And I guess I postponed too much adding Lidless Wall to my stash, but what to remove from there? :(


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Nice guide/presentation Gripphon.

I have a different opinion about MS level. Lately I put it to max. As Amazon is in a disadvantage compared to teleporting chars in terms of her mobility, she doesn't have much luxury to waste her attacks. She has to try to bring down the enemy as fast as possible. Because of that I like MS at max, so when I'm trying to hit something I have the best chance at it, as I can't rely on the next volley.

Regarding the life/dmg ratio. There's absolutely some number bowa's dmg has to be, otherwise she becomes useless. With 1.07 charms it's possible to go vita route here. Your bowa does an ok dmg and is absolutely fine, but I would much rather play with nulio's bowa. :)

You thought it out very well and opened new horizons for me. Thanks.


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Thanks, guys.

Nulio's bowa is better and stronger, no question about that. But despite that, I wouldn't play with that bowa because having multishot that is stronger than my GA seems just wrong. I do plenty of kills with multishot of my bowa whose damage is in range of ~540, I can't imagine how it is to have multishot of ~850+ damage. Seems too strong IMO. Less experienced players would be creamed so easily, with nearly effortless attack which covers full screen and goes for 2 screen range. And of top of that, he has 2.5k+ life for pretty tanky bowa too to not be easy food even for hardest counters.

I also agree that high priority for any bowa should be to get at least close to 2k life - if possible, while maintaining decent damage. Having considerably lower life than that would make you just a food for plenty of characters, even if she has tons of damage. Problem with bowazon is it is possible to avoid her damage with faster teleporting characters like sorcs, necros and windys. If connection is good, you can simply tele around her with tons of arrows on your back, then tele behind the wall and return for more. Multishot is obviously harder to avoid, but it is possible to tele away with quick reactions. 63 fcr barbs too can do that and wait for flawless approach, but that works slightly harder because you have to go melee range. So despite having zillion of damage, it is impossible to prevent better players from approaching you. Also in FFA bowa have no means of escape, she will get ganged plenty of times and will have to deal with tough situations. That is why I totally agree with you saying that 2k life is at least bowazon should aim for if she plans of winning more matches - again if she can afford that.
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Seems like a really well-planned character. Love the crafts, awesomeness.

@nulio just post it already. The craziest char on SPF? That's something we want to see!


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The craziest char on SPF? That's something we want to see!
It's certainly nulio character, but I wouldn't say it's his bowie. His necro, windy and mage would certainly make for much better character thread imo. So if you want to see craziest SPF character press nulio to post his mage thread. It's really insane, but you are probably better off not knowing it. If anything, it might scare you off pvp :p