regarding mfing


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regarding mfing

hi there :smiley:
ive got a few doubts regarding a level 78 necro in lut gholien(hell).
i hav a mf of 398(hoping to go to 500 soon).
1.does the drop rate of mephisto in nightmare decrease with the number of runs ?(e.g according to atma drop calci version 1.10 though trang ouls claws has a probability 0.33 in players 3 with 398 mf ive not yet got it yet. i do quite a lot of meph runs and for the first 15 runs or so i got some good items(natalyas soul,mavinas icy clutch,the atlantean ancient sword and so on)).
2. in an earlier thread RibGriller told that my mf translates to my skellies as well.
can anyone explain how and does my mf also translate to my golem,mages and revived??


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Regarding boss drops. Your first drop is always better than the rest. But from then on they will be the same. You can get around this with Andi if you go to act 2 via Warriv after each kill.

Your minion kills all count as if you made the kill with regards to mf. Only difference is merc gets yours PLUS his/hers when they kill. I'd assume valks act the same way as mercs but not sure.


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Your mf is applied to all your minions, so when they kill something and you have 300mf, the drops will reflect that. I think thats a .33% chance of getting the item you want, which means youre gonna have to do about 300 runs to expect one. The first time you kill an act boss, the drops are better, but every time after the first they are the same, regardless of if its your 3rd time killing meph or your 3000th.