Reflections on a 7 x 7 (+2): 51 Mats/Pats in SC


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Agreed. Congrats on the achievement, and kudos to you for taking the time to write it all down, for us to see :).


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Thanks for taking your time and sharing this with us! I'm sure I'll revisit this thread often when thinking about various builds.

Congrats on finishing this big project! :)

You did a good job with variety and adding some different flavor here and there. That's exactly what keeps me going; adding something special to each build, be it some extra good items, or total oddball item choices or a whole different take with some familiar build.

Agreed about the Norm and NM being a somewhat barrier. Although that changes from character to character. My solution is sometimes to go full speed, as in trying to find a build and items that finishes them in as short time as possible, or when I'm not feeling that, using less used twinking items to have at least little fresher feeling about it.