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Reduced Damage

Hello everyone!
Iam not sure if this belong in this section, but i guess its worth a try ^^

does anybody know hoe the abilities "reduced madic damage XX" is calculatet? If i got an Item which reduced magic damage by the FACTOR "5" how does it work? if a bonespeer for example hits me how much is this damage reduced? plss help me if s.o. knows anything cause iam sarching 4 weeks after an answer... ihope u understand my english and thx 4 answering

cya all



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First I am actually not sure if MDR even works for magic attacks, it does however for elemental attacks, i.e. Fire/Ice/Lightning (Poison?). MDR is damage reduction per frame, meaning it comes into effect 25 times per second. For attacks that deal their damage over 1 frame, like most elemental attacks, the damage is just reduced by the stated amount. Say a Blood Lord (of the vampire kind) hits you with a fireball for 100 damage, that damage is reduced to 95 when you got 5 MDR on your char. However, if that same Blood Lord casts a Firewall under your feet for 100dmg/sec, that's actually 4dmg/frame for 25frames/sec, which is reduced by 5 every frame, meaning you take no damage at all. good thing is that MDR takes place after resist, which can make it very usefull.


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Magic damage reduced by 'X' reduces the amount of magical and elemental damage taken by a set amount X. This takes effect after resists. So for example:

I have 75% resist all
I am wearing an item with 9 MDR
a charged bolt doing 80 damage hits he from an LE boss
first, my resists reduce this amount, by 75%, to 20 damage
then the 9 MDR takes effect, reducing it further to 11 damage

Note that pure magic damage (not elemental but things like bone spirit and blessed hammer) can only be resisted using a couple specific items, so usually your resistance to pure magic damage is 0%.

As you can see it's quite effective coupled with high resists. This is why items like Vipermagi and Dwarfstar are so nice. Most people just wear Dwarf for the Fire Absorb and don't even realize how godly 15 MDR is.

EDIT: forgot about the per-frame thing.. good call vent.


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then there is no possibility to reduce a bone speer damage like the snakes in act2, or a bad bad pker? :((( hmpf


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Oh sorry, I was a bit unclear. When I said pure magic can't be resisted I meant in the same way you have resistances listed in your character screen (the only thing I know of is a crafted shield recipe that gives 5-10% magic resistance). It can still be reduced using MDR and magic absorb items, although it won't do you much good in PvP where Bone Spirits do 7k dmg and Hammers do 14k....


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Safety Shield
Magic Kite Shield/Dragon Shield/Monarch
Nef Rune
Perfect Emerald
Any Jewel

+ (10-30)% Enhanced Defense
Magic Resistance +(5-10)%
Magic Damage Reduced By (1-2)
Damage Reduced By (1-4)

theres some magic resistance for ya :)


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There was some debate as to whether or not the magic resistance property actually worked.

There's a new elite unique (that I can't remember the name of) that has a few points of magic absorb on it, too.