redoing quests?


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on sp you can keep running forges if you backup your char and restore it before each rune and use atma to xfer the rune after

Skinhead On The MBTA

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That is generally considered cheating though. The way to get multiple forges is to have 7 mules in a game with your main char, then get the forges for each of them seperately.


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is there a way to redo quests in a certain difficulty, so that you can get the reward again?
Of course there is, you silly people!

It involves no hack whatsoever and I've been doing it since I started Diablo 2 classic!

Just keep creating new characters and you can quest away to your heart's content!:rolleyes:


Eilo Rytyj

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Wouldn't doing the Izual, Lam Esem and Golden Bird quests over and over be preferable? 999 in every stat, infiinite life and mana please!

Actually that would kinda suck. No one would ever die and it would kill the PvP scene.