Recommendations on improving my writing.

Recommendations on improving my writing.

I writing skills are piss poor, mainly due to the fact that I dont write alot. I can't develop my ideas well and I cant write introductory and concluding paragraphs worth a damn.

I've read many stories that you all have created, and I've noticed how much my past essays are so horribly bad compared to everyone elses'.

I'd just like a quick lesson in writing. Any links, examples, replies would help me greatly.

Thank you again for your time.


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The best advice I can give you also happens to be the most annoying; people generally don't like hearing this, but the best way to improve your writing abilities is through practice.

Yuck, right?

I couldn't agree more. Practice sucks. But it's beyond necessary. It's really the axel that all good writing turns upon; if you can manage it, write every single day, essays, stories, whatever, and I can pretty much promise that your skills will improve.

Here's another one people aren't too keen on: a lot of reading. Just grab a book that interests you and devour it. Then devour another. And another. Something that works for me, is that I take a book that I've already read, and examine the passages that I found particularly stirring. Take something like Old Man and The Sea, by Hemmingway, for example; I always found that book to be exceptionally powerful, and when I gave it a more thorough look-through, I saw that it was poignant because the language was terse and devoid of bull****. You know, simple sentences like "The old man loved the boy and the boy knew this and loved the old man for it." And now that I can recognize that technique, I can use it myself when I need it.

So maybe try that.

Well, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Best of luck.


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Hrm...well, writing varies so much that it's hard to come up with something that I'd call a "good example," in the sense that a lot of things are good in some contexts and bad in others. After all, I write in a certain manner for my stories here, and that works decently for the goals I have in mind (or that's what I like to think, anyway.) However, I wouldn't be caught dead using some of those techniques or constructions in an analytical essay. Could you be a bit more specific about what kind of writing you'd like to focus on for the moment?

In general, though, I'd second Clarke667's recommendations, though I have to disagree on the "annoying" label... Also, there's a link provided in the forum rules and regulations on common errors in writing, right after all the rules on story posts, and The Dark Library has several articles on grammar and plot errors in writing, specifically fiction. Might be worth your time to pop on over and check those out.

A final thought: writing is, at least in my opinon, a very case-by-case sort of subject. For that reason, I'd encourage you to show some of what you've written to other people you know and get specific suggestions. It's one thing to talk about the general idea, and to say "write like books you enjoy reading" or whatever, but often advice tailored to your writing will be the most effective.

Hope that helps, and if you've got other questions, feel free to ask 'em. Good luck with your writing!


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My suggestion to you would be to find a teacher or someone you know who is good at writing and ask him to go over your writing with you. Of course, you could always start a thread asking for assistance and then post some of your stuff therein and allow others to help....

Anyway, if you don't want to present us with some of your stuff, that's fine. But it's hard to accurately address a problem unless one knows the specifics. If you are looking for general guidelines, then look no further than Clarke's post. Otherwise, I recommend finding someone to go over your writing with, and it would be a good idea to choose someone who isn't particularly ornery.


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Immortality said:
Aye practice is a must, thats what Im doing at the moment. But I'd like some good examples or something.
If you mean examples of writing exercises, then may I recommend stream of consciousness? Get out a piece of paper, or open a new document in your favorite writing program, and just starting writing whatever pops into your head. If it turns into a story, cool. If not, that's all right. The idea is to get your brain working, get ideas out there. You might see one you like, or come up with a turn of phrase you can use later. Plus, it's fun.

And thank you for asking. Anyone who wants to improve at writing (a lifelong struggle) is a man after my own heart. Perhaps the most important part of being a good writer is wanting to be one. Wanting to get there, and doing the work needed to make it.

In addition to practicing and reading, you might try socializing (not to imply that you haven't). If you want to know how to write people, from dialogue to mannerisms to clothing to names, go to the source. If modern people aren't your thing, or you like to throw characters into situations that exist only in dreams, you'll still want to have some interaction, if only to use as a foundation. Then you build on that with research. Want to write a medieval fantasy story? Read books that focus on that time period. Learn about the customs, language, and technology that existed back then. Remember, "write what you know" doesn't mean every story has to be autobiographical. Knowledge expands into infinity if you let it. If you push.


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My first piece of advice is work on proper grammar. Write a couple of sentences that you know are to difficult, to complex, then post them.

If you really need help... I'm always willing to help people out with basic grammar. I'm not very good with advanced stuff, but I can usualyl manage the basic test of "does it read well". Once I get you past basic grammar / writing skill, I can move you onto the vicinity of someone more skilled.