Recommend me a Mc


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Recommend me a Mc

Due to certain problems with an [url="]annonomous[/url] software package, Im gettin a Mac. Recommend me one!
What do you want to do?
Do you need portability?
Do you need raw power for 3d rendering or do you just want a machine for checking email and web surfing?
Rick said:

What else is there apart from microsuck & mac?
There is Linux, but you are still stuck in the same areas as you are with a Mac.

If you want to game you have to stay with Windows, the majority of games are made to run on Windows. Yes it is true you can use things like WINE to play games on Linux, but the performance will suffer. There are games like the ones made by Blizzard that will run on OS X just fine, but high framerate FPSs will be a little slow. Will give you an idea of what games are on OS X and how well they play on different systems.


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{KOW}Spazed said:
Then you don't want a Mac.
What he said. Get yourself a monster Dell with a powerhouse video card, load it up with Linux for your actual computing needs, and dual-boot into XP only when you want a gaming fix.