Rebuilding Sorc, what u think?


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Rebuilding Sorc, what u think?

After messing up my met/orb sorc by trying to go with max block with a spirit lol, ive decided to build a blizz/baller. Here are my stats....

20 Blizzard
20 Meteor
20 Fireball
20 Glacial Spike
1 Static
1 Tele
1 Warmth

Finished about lvl 80-85

Str: Enough for gear
Dex: NONE!
Vit: Everything else
Energy: None


Helm: Shako Ptopaz
Weapon: HotO
Shield: Spirit Monarch 35% fcr
Amu: Tals
Armour: Tals
Belt: Tals
Ring1: SOJ or rare with fcr + resists
Ring2: Same as above
Boots: War Travs/Waterwalks
Gloves: Chancies


Gheeds, Anni, Sorc Torch, 9 cold skill/fire skiller gc's
+life/resist sc's


Definance act2 Merc

Eth Col Insight/Doom
Eth Shaftshop
Tals mask/andys face

what u think?


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do you think your vit and def will be enough not to die against archer and such ?

archer and spear women kill me in 2-3 hits with my 600 life, and without block i will fry. it's not some 150-200 more vit & less dex that are going to save you, so there is defense, but i'm not sure it will be enough.

well i'll like to have some opinion on this
[or your are fast enough to teleport through all missiles]


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I will be using this sorc for boss running and key running. The only archer pks are in the tower and they should be no problem because my old sorc can handle them.


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Setup looks good. With Spirit Shield one always goes for the vitality route. With Mercenary as shield and combined with Teleport, archers should be no problem.
This looks like the typical Blizzballer build.

The change in terms of skills that i would make, is to max Iceblast instead of Glacial Spike. The damage of Iceblast will be of more use than that of Galcial Spike. You can still use Glacial Spike for freezing purposes though.

Apart from that you are set to go!


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thx for ideas.. im going to max iceblast instead because as you said it does more dmg and can provide a spell to level up with.


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I gotta get my standard recomendation in for a full tal set instead of partial tal + hoto+shako. Read the "truth about tals" stickied in the library. Basically you get better damage and resists by going full tals. You don't loose that much MF either.

Ful Tal
War Trav's
2x SOJ's or Nagel Rings

Can't beat this set up for all around game play and MFing.


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Whether to go max block or not is just personal taste, but the rule of thumb is not to max block with a Spirit shield, as you've already learned the hard way:smiley:
One thing I'd like to point out is that finishing at lvl80-85 is way too conservative, especially since you're planning to use the char for boss runs and key runs. I remember I leveled my meteorb from lvl91 to lvl93 by just doing meph runs, so you should definitely target for at least lvl90. With all skill quests done at lvl90, you'll have 101 skill points to spend, 18 more than you currently planned. 18 points should make a noticeable difference in your killing power.
You can also consider using Infinity merc to compensate for the lack of points in synergies. It's expensive, but if you can afford anni and 9 skills, I guess you can afford that too.
BTW, where are points in fire mastery and cold mastery?


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yeah i forgot to list them but ill be putting my extra points in fire mastery. Also i aint exactly rich but this is my end gear i hope to achieve. I dont know about full tals but ill check the thread you mentioned. Thx


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I second the suggestion on using full Tal set. And with magefist and 35%Spirit you reach the 105 FCR breakpoint, you teleport faster and fireballs fires faster:) Rings, as MageChick said, Nagels/SoJs. You dont need any skillers in your inventory for quick killing, just fill up with mf scs and you are good to go.


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After reading 'The truth about tals set' thread ive decided to go full tals + i get the cool aura :p lol. thx all

ps. You really think maxing ice bolt is better than maxing glacial spike?


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Pilchard said:
After reading 'The truth about tals set' thread ive decided to go full tals + i get the cool aura :p lol. thx all

ps. You really think maxing ice bolt is better than maxing glacial spike?
NOT Icebolt, but Iceblast! Thats a total different thing in terms of damage ;)
And yes i would in favor of Iceblast since Glacial Spike will never do enough damage to actually kill something fast in Hell, but GS will freeze groups of monsters nicely and that is what you use it for!

OTher ring suggestions for more secure playing:
Wisp Protector with over +10 Lightning absorb
Dwarf Star

Noite Escura

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What I'm going to tell now is MY personal opinion.
For an untwinked Sorc I would max GS and Meteor. Because GS could not freeze for enough time in hell.
With enough + skills though, you can make the duration of GS be enough even with base points. Then for a fairly twinked sorc I'd go with Ice Blast instead and would also max Fire Bolt instead of Meteor, and distribute the saved points in the Cold tree.


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Sorry i did mean Ice Blast lol. Im playing tweaked so i gonna max iceblast.

Why max fire bolt instead of Meteor? They give the same snergy bonus to fireball and isnt meteor more useful than firebolt?


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There are 2 variations on the blizzballer, but both go by the same name. You can synergize your fireball in one of two ways (you don't have enough skill points to do both).

The first way puts 20 points in Fireball and 20 points in Meteor. Getting Meteor takes 3 points in prereq's, not counting the 1 point in firebolt which is a prereq for fireball. The advantage here is that you end up with 2 usefull fire spells; meteor and fireball.

The second way puts 20 points in Fireball and 20 points in Firebolt. Firebolt is the only prereq for fireball so no points are wasted in any prereqs. You end up with similar fireball damage and save 4 skill points over the first method. You also only have 20 fireball synergy points, where the first method gets 21 synergy points (20 meteor and 1 firebolt). If you put one of those saved skill points into fire mastery, you will get comperable fireball damage and still havesaved 3 skill points. But you only end up with one useable fire attack, fireball.

I should say that both methods also use some points in fire mastery, generally only 1 point, then let your +skill gear do the rest.

Which you choose is largly play style dependant. Some people have a huge dislike for meteor and don't see any reason to spend points to get it. Others enjoy haveing a 2nd mass damage spell, even if it does have a casting delay and is on a timer. It all comes down to player preference.