Rebirth: To Infinity and Beyond! [An Infinity Sept]


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Welcome to 'To Infinity and Beyond!'

Our heroes, one of each of the 7 classes, will make use of the famed 'Infinity' runeword. They will each use Infinity in a way which I personally deem 'out of the norm', or as out of the norm as I can reasonably get anyway. It may require the making of two separate Infinity runewords - eek!

The currently decided builds are as follows;
Amazon: TBD
Assassin: Claws of Thunder (Infinity/CM)
Barbarian: Dual Lightsabre dream frenzy barbarian (y'what?)
Druid: TBD (possibly a rabies/FC hybrid)
Necromancer: Mage and fire golem summoner. No CE.
Paladin: TBD
Sorceress: Some form of melee tri-element. Possibly thunderstorm/enchant/HF (from Doom)
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Nice. Good luck. It will require some runs to get the HRs needed. And some more if you deed. But that won't happen hopefully !!


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Very fun list of builds so far, going out of your way to avoid cookiecutting it looks like. :D
Curious to see how the remaining builds will end up.
GL! Cool project. :)