Reaper of Souls Season Three Conquests


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Reaper of Souls Season Three Conquests

[caption id="attachment_383447" align="alignright" width="300"] Current PTR standings.[/caption]Each Season offers new Conquests, the special Seasonal Achievements that test the highest mettle of players. They're all available right now on the PTR, and a fan took the time to note them all down. Reaper of Souls Season Three Conquests:

Sprinter (SC)/Speed Racer (HC)
  • Complete Acts 1-5 at max level in under 1 hour.

Avarice (SC)/Avarita (HC)
  • Complete a 50,000,000 gold streak while outside of The Vault and The Inner Sanctum.

Years of War (SC)/Dynasty (HC)
  • Reach Greater Rift Level 40 Solo with the bonuses of three of the following Class sets.
    • Immortal King's Call
    • Might of the Earth
    • The Legacy of Raekor
    • Armor of Akkhan
    • Roland's Legacy
    • Thorns of the Invoker
    • Natalya' Vengeance
    • Embodiment of the Marauder
    • The Shadow's Mantle
    • Inna's Mantra
    • Monkey King's Garb
    • Raiment of a Thousand Storms
    • Helltooth Harness
    • Raiment of the Jade Harvester
    • Zunimassa's Haunt
    • Firebird's Finery
    • Tal Rasha's Elements
    • Vyr's Amazing Arcana

On a Good Day (SC)/I Can't Stop (HC)
  • Level six Legendary Gems to rank 40.

Curses! (SC)/Stars Align (HC)
  • Kill 300 or more monsters in a Cursed Chest event at level 70 on Torment VI difficulty.

We often joke about having to turn off Achievement notifications in Clan when a Season is new, as there's a constant spam of "Hero has turned over a rock!" Conquest notifications aren't the same thing, and even if they were.... spam would not exactly a problem with these, because they are tough. Beyond tough... anyone who completes GR40 with Thorns of the Invoker on deserves a double Conquest. Srsly, guyz.

You guys have epeen motivation to finish off some of these? Aside from ranking 6 LGems to 40, the others take special efforts with specialized gear or play styles, and they're not conquests you just trip over getting out of bed. Have any of you guys completed them before? Tips for the rest of us?
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I've been fooling around trying for the Avarice conquest lately, and even with the current EXP/Gold buff, 50m gold in a streak is tricky. I've been over 20m many times, but always hit a lull with no monsters available, or else I get distracted in combat and pick up another gold stack just an instant too late to keep the counter going. That said, I haven't tried it in the Ruins of Corvus yet, which everyone assumes is the easiest gold farming location thanks to all the scarabs.


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I don't think they will add MF as a reward for doing an achievement because they always said that they don't want achievements to affect gameplay in any way and they don't want to force people to do them.
However they are adding rewards next patch, you get a special portrait and banner I think for getting 100 achievement points in the season and also another portrait and banner for getting 400 points if I am not mistaken, the portrait is sick honestly and I am gonna hunt 400 achievement points for it for sure.


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The Streak is counted in the lower right coner of your screen. If you pick up gold it shows how much you picked up and if you keep on picking up gold in short span of time it keeps on going until you stop picking up gold.
It works similarly to a combo meter in fighting games or spectecal figthers.


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And that's the only thing I'll be doing in S3

- reach lvl 70 for transmogs
- 100 achievement points for portrait
- 400 achivements points for banner
return to non season


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I haven't even come close to any of these in the three years the game has been out. I can't imagine how much time people have to spend to do this in 3 months.


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If you are chasing the Years of War/Dynasty conquest you should roll a DH or a Barb since these are the only classes that have 3 sets that can easily complete 40. Wizard is also an option but Delseres does take some effort.

I personnally like the conquests. It gives you one more thing to do and the new ones in Season 3 seem rather interesting.

Whether the conquests should yield more substantial rewards is certainly debatable. I think the stance of the developers is that slaying monsters is the core gameplay and that should be the main focus. In the technical beta on the china realm achievements give you Platinum which is a cool way of adding an additional reward to achievements.


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I don't think the three new sets count for this conquest (delsere's, wrath, and UE). What I'm curious about is if you need to have the max bonus on the set for it to count or can just throw on 2 pieces of vyr while running 6 piece tal's and have that count for 2 sets.


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You are right, my bad. I think you have to activate he maximum set bonus for each set to complete the conquest.


It's nice that the conquest requires it solo. Otherwise anyone, at least in softcore, could just get carried. Doing 40 solo requires some real gear and strategy, even in SC.


They're not touching it for now, and the PTR is basically content complete with the patch coming in 2 weeks. Someday they'll either dump Invokers entirely (it's just annoying to find one now) or else rework thorns to make it viable.

Not holding breath on either of those, though.


Yeah, I guess GF gear would be a good idea. I'm around 6500% just in my normal T6 farming gear, with a r35 boon (and I'm HC so I can't get too silly on equip) and it's surprising how fast I can get to 20m. Had 3 streaks of 15m+ just doing the Fields of Misery yesterday, but wasn't able to string them all into one run.

I'm undecided on doing it with a Marauder's DH. The ferrets are sometimes helpful as they'll get gold while you run the other way, and get some by accident while moving around in combat... but you can't count on them since they'll annoyingly lock in on one remaining trash mob and let your gold streak expire, and sometimes they'll quick grab the whole screen when you wanted to clean it more gradually between packs.