Realm Down????


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Realm Down????

I have been getting this a lot the past week and was wondering what it attributes too. I'll just be playing in my passworded game with my necro leveling my merc and all of a sudden this msg will come up.


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There are essentially two cases for realm down that I've experienced, the most common being that you are logging in/creating games in quick succession.

I've also gotten realm down when a game crashed, followed by "lost connection to battlenet" and "realm down". This usually doesn't last long, though. It DOES NOT happen on all game crashes, just occasionally (and it's server-side crashes, not client-side crashes).


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can't you also get realm downed if Blizzard suspects you are suing maphack or something? or is just a straight away ban? The main point is that maphack is bad.
i'm not trying to say you are using maphack or anything. just heard that somewhere.


i get r/d all the time, cause i do alot of trading which means alot of character switching and alot of different games to join

to avoid r/d, whenever u have joined games a fair bit in a short amount of time, just pause for a little while...then leave the game and go back to the rejoining if u need to